What audio equipment are you looking for right now?

Some audiophiles are always looking for something&#151;<I>anything</I>&#151;to upgrade. Anything on your list?

What audio equipment are you looking for right now?
11% (38 votes)
SACD and/or DVD-Audio playback
18% (66 votes)
CD playback
6% (22 votes)
9% (31 votes)
9% (34 votes)
18% (65 votes)
6% (22 votes)
Equipment rack/stands
1% (5 votes)
Headphone equipment
2% (7 votes)
Hard disc-based equipment
3% (9 votes)
8% (29 votes)
9% (32 votes)
Total votes: 360

Anonymous's picture

A phono-amp is next on my list. That or a center channel for the home theater.

John Mallon's picture

I like the idea of a hard disc-based hi-fi, as long as it has a huge storage space so I don't have to compress any of my CDs. The space and convience this would give would be fantastic as long as it didn't degrade the sound! Sony has a 40GB player, but that is nowhere near big enough!

Bill Contreras's picture

I need more dynamic headroom........

M D Chubb's picture

I'm still holding out for a sweet deal on a vintage tubed pre-amp.

Tim Bishop's picture

You leave the rest, when you have the best! Seriously, I always am looking, but currently, I am very satisfied with what I have!

Randy's picture

When is great sound good enough? Some would say "never" and that it's an endless pursuit. Others would say it's all about the music and that the endless pursuit of acquiring "gear" detracts from musical enjoyment. For me, the doctrine of diminishing returns is a powerful one. I've gotten to the point where I'm extremely satisfied with my system and can now really enjoy the music. I've heard much more expensive gear than mine with hardly perceptable improvements in sound. So, I'm no longer "looking." I'm just gonna toss back a few and groove ... and, in the end, isn't that what it's all about?

Joe Evans's picture

Since my much modified Haffler has finally been given it's last rights, this is a very important question (a least to me). I will now purchase that ARC SP9 MkII that I have been wanting for some time. Of course that leaves the question open again. How about the killer DtoA converter, the SACD player, the new turntable or maybe a new power amp? I suppose I'll eventually get around to all of them if I can just control my CD/DVD purchases. After all, they are the most important component.

james madore pe c anada's picture

i need a source and bad..boy howdy i need a player to spin the spinning discs that make me so happy

Bob Bernstein's picture

Now that Martin Logan has brought out a more inexpensive subwoofer, I thought id try two!