What audio equipment are you looking for right now?

Some audiophiles are always looking for something&#151;<I>anything</I>&#151;to upgrade. Anything on your list?

What audio equipment are you looking for right now?
11% (38 votes)
SACD and/or DVD-Audio playback
18% (66 votes)
CD playback
6% (22 votes)
9% (31 votes)
9% (34 votes)
18% (65 votes)
6% (22 votes)
Equipment rack/stands
1% (5 votes)
Headphone equipment
2% (7 votes)
Hard disc-based equipment
3% (9 votes)
8% (29 votes)
9% (32 votes)
Total votes: 360

S.  Andre Sundaram's picture

Somehow it seems easier to be looking for a new component, than to upgrade components with which I am rather content, but if there were nothing new, I could find dissatisfaction with my current system.

Dilbert's picture

Where is the option for more than one? I am considering a handful of upgrades. Not sure which one will come first though.

Jason's picture

I want a 2-channel SACD player which has CD playback that is as good, if not better than my current CD player. Seeing that I have hundreds of CD's and no SACD's, I don't want to comprimise my current CD playback to gain the benefits of SACD. ...If I can do that without breaking the bank, I'd be happy.

Priece Rich, Jr.'s picture

I've rediscovered some album treasures and like listening to them, but my 30-year-old turntable/cartridge combination just isn't cutting it.

John's picture

Something that approximates the sound of top-of-the-line SACD players without the cost.

CEO for hire's picture

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G.  Smith's picture

I have wanted/needed a good LP cleaning unit for years—and every time I go shopping for one, I find something else that I spend my disposable cash (now there's a phrase I hate) to buy, so I push the cleaning unit back "just another month or so."

C Green's picture

Lookin' for a new way tp add some warmth to CDs. Tubes! Oh yeah!

Anonymous's picture

More like waiting than looking. I want a universal player that does HDCD as well.

Sebastian Ramos's picture

In the never-ending cycle: my turntable has become the "weakest link." Sigh, round and round we go . . . .

Anonymous's picture

With my Levinson 390s cd player doubling as my volume control, I've been tinkering with the idea of adding a preamp. But not until my dedicated listening room in the basement is done!!

miguel leal's picture

meridian 559, but I haven't found it

Ren's picture

Having lately upgraded to a Bryston pre-am,I find myself looking forward to better amplification followed by a SACD player.

Mike Agee's picture

I'm tracking down discontinued tubes for a discontinued amp, and have every hope that audio nirvana awaits.

Jeff Hiley's picture

Why can't I select them all?! Audiophile = addict.

Al Earz's picture

Among other items speakers are the final step in my upgrade process of about three years now. This is where the hair comes out!

Cosimo's picture

My two-watt amp constantly demands that I speaker shop--got to get some new ones soon.

Bob Hoshall's picture

At age 50, SACD will probably be one of the last major audio upgrades I will see. I have really enjoyed shopping for music recorded in DSD. The improvement over a standard CD is so significant I find myself going a bit overboard purchasing new SACDs. A word of warning to new converts: beware of inexpensive players. Some of these players actually convert DSD back to PCM, which defeats the puprpose of purchasing an SACD player. Sony really got it right with SACD; recorded music has never sounded so good!

Doug's picture

Not enough software for me to go SACD yet. Qaud has released a CD player with built-in volume control, so that is what I am going for. Less is more

Larry's picture

Own a Sony 333 SACD and really enjoy SACD. Hoping to upgrade to a used 777 or SCD-1 this fall.

ina_silent_way's picture

Whatever happends in the hi-rez department I'll need a good spinner for my 1000+ CD collection. Now is the time to make a looongterm commitment. A hi-rez spinner is an option until they'll play all formats. (Maby the new Linn...?)

DavidGor's picture

Adding speakers out on my deck has created a power vacuum that my Creek 5350SE cannot fill. Need a Better, Faster, Stronger amp that has a return loop so the Creek can run the kitchen and deck speakers.

Richard's picture

I think I'm ready to take the SACD plunge. Looking at higher end used equipment, rather than lower end new.

KRB's picture

I don't need any more hardware. I want more SACD software.

SMiller seth@innerverse.com's picture

Try this (seriously): 1. put a disc in your player. 2. press play - play the first 15 seconds - listen closely. 3. press "back" to play the song again. hear the difference? crazy eh??? now... why? and how to fix????

MICHAEL's picture


Marc's picture

I am keeping my eye out for a quality universal dvd/sacd player that does not cost an arm or a leg.

Audio Snob's picture

I'm looking for: a) a quiet computer with a big, big, big hard drive and a DVD drive, b) a soundcard with at least three audio inputs and at least one digital optical output, c) a video card with video inputs and component input & output. I will use this instead of a CD player and a DVD player—and any other source that converts digital to analog, since my preamp/processor has very good converters built in. Why pay for expensive digital to analog converters more than once?

Anonymous's picture

Where's the tuner listing? Thank you TAS for the tuner issue! Now I know why I no longer subscribe to this mag.

R.  Lafitte's picture

My local audio dealer never heard of a preamp before, needless to say, it is a necessary peice of equipment in some cases to upgrade your system.