What are your thoughts about the delay of DVD-Audio players and software?

What are your thoughts about the delay of DVD-Audio players and software?
Not happy, here's why
22% (39 votes)
A little upset
15% (28 votes)
Don't really care
44% (80 votes)
Actually relieved, here's why
17% (30 votes)
No opinion
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 181

It looks as if the release of DVD-Audio players will be delayed by several more months. Any comments about the situation?

Charles Smith's picture

Consumers have a right to create a copy for personal use. Why doesn't the RIAA create a media-player device driver for Unix?

Stephen Curling's picture

i currently can't afford DVD anything but if i could i'd probably be quite upset about it.

Michael M.'s picture

I've my mind set on SACD.

Dave W.'s picture

It seems as though anytime the manufacturers race to meet the almighty Christmas deadline they put out average product. DVD-Audio could be a good music format, especially if done properly. Manufacturers should take their time and do it right.

J.A.  Shore's picture

Why bother with the promise of analog-likeness when analog is the real thing?

Michael J.'s picture

I do not expect any gain (from using DVD), so there is no gain; that's why I do not care at all about DVD, SACD, and so on.

Amorn Piechantuek's picture

I think they care about a lot of money. They don't care about music.

Dave B's picture

It will put off my immediate need for a decision on what I want, I don't need it and actually feel it's more of a scam to increase sales of recordings.

Dexter M.  Price's picture

With the release of each new technological marvel, there is pressure to conduct research by reading reviews and, if possible, auditioning the technology yourself. Then you have to decide who makes the best machine (and who makes the best machine you can afford or are willing to pay for). Finally, there is the expense of purchasing the machine, finding space to put it in your current system, and purchasing "software" to play on it. If SACD is an indicator, I predict the discs will cost $25 each. It seems like I just went through this with DVD-Video and with CD-R. I need a break to just enjoy music and movies for a while.

Harold Kane's picture

I'm sure by the time they come out, nobody will really care. C.D.'s have gotten so good lately and the audiophiles are going to S.A.C.D. Personally, I don't want another digital medium. I would rather get into analog and tubes just for nostalgia.

andrew's picture

I just wish that someone would come up with a new analogue format, or a hybrid format.

Tall Tom's picture

Greed of the record companies is the reason for the delay—not any hacker who is being made a scapegoat.

Eric Kalet's picture

Maybe DTS can jump back into the 5.1 music fray???

Paul Jensen's picture

Not so much unhappy, but more disappointed. I've been saving up for a new-generation player for a while rather than replacing my vintage CD player. The waters only get muddier by the week, rather than clearer, as I had hoped.

Geno's picture

DVD-A appears to offer more than SACD: higher resolution, more channels, and back-compatibility. It will fail because it will be crippled by its copy-protection.

Health Nut, Phila/Pittsburgh's picture

I've been waiting for DVD-Audio with much anticipation. I look forward to true multichannel recordings. Some people have judged multichannel unfairly because of bad multichannel remixes. DVD-Audio will propel multichannel audio as the new standard! Copy protection, watermarking, and the like are all a bunch of crap. What a shame . . .

Norm Strong's picture

The chances of my buying one are slim to none, in any event. My collection is complete. No more new formats for me.

Teresa Goodwin's picture

DVD-A should be delayed until the chips containing both DVD-A and SACD are available, as SACD is better but nobody wants to pick the wrong format. Remember, Beta was and still is better than VHS; lots of good it did owners of Beta machines. I can hardly wait to have one of these universal machines. What what I want is a STEREO AUDIO ONLY machine, as I don't like what surround sound does to music, and collecting movies is like buying re-runs. I enjoy listening to the same music over and over, but most movies, for me once is enough. I have HDCD and I am ready for the next advance!

Chris's picture

DVD Audio is not needed. Chesky's process of 96/24 "DVD audio" is fabulous and it doesn't need a new player

Chris Gillespie's picture

This is another example of the ignorant consumer electronics industry trying to introduce a reasonable format with little consumer interest (apart from us) and missing the boat entirely. In 6 months, DVD-V will be so entrenched, DVD-A will never have a chance to catch up. Go SACD (which, IMHO, sounds better anyway).

Richard MacLeod's picture

The constant dragging of heels is making a real awful noise.

Brad Bryant's picture

I don't care too much right now because I'm not ready to buy one. But, the format has to get out there to compete with SACD.

Mike Marcellas's picture

DVD-Audio is a joke. Why 24/96? It is difficult to deal with from a recording engineer's standpoint, and who has a 24-bit A/D converter anyway? I don't think they can build a power supply with a noise floor low enough to exploit 24 bits of resolution. SACD is here, and it sounds better than some hodge-podge of 6 channels of music unrealistically blaring at me from all directions (what happened to soundstaging?). Sony/Philips have the power to make it happen. I am a Microsoft developer and maybe that says it all, but the guy with the boat that floats gets my vote. Rhyme not intended. I don't care if DVD-A lives or dies; I will not support it. I love my DVD machine for video and the occasional CD that I play in the movie room (dual laser pickup), and that's it. Remember, DSD was, first and foremost, a better archival scheme for storing vaults full of deteriorating masters. 24/96 is still PCM, which, in my opinion is fundamentally flawed for music reproduction.

Larry Casey's picture

A long as Sumiko is coming out with a new line of project series turntables and VPI and Basis are still in business, who cares?

Joseph Lee's picture

It is always exciting to see the birth of a new format. But I think that DVD-Audio is not going to be even half as successful as DVD-Video. DVD-Video usually has better pictures (anamorphic), better sound (Dolby Digital and DTS), extras, and, most important, the price is right—much less expensive when compared to the prices of laserdiscs. Many titles are now available. DVD-Audio players may not have digital outputs, and the catalogue will be limited to specialized recordings, and the prices will be definitively more expensive than CD. The price is definitely not right. I hope this format does not end up as stillborn.

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Too many damn formats! Besides, the way music to be heard should be in the front of the audience, not behind their head.

Bill Crane's picture

Blaming DeCSS is a cover excuse for other reasons for the delay. There have been numerous problems with authoring the DVD-A discs. The DVD-A delay will give a boost to SACD. Most manufacturers will make an all-format (DVD-V, DVD-A, CD, and SACD) player because that will be the consumer demand.

Dave's picture

I bought a turntable and am spending all my time buying vinyl.

Karl R., U.T.  Film Dept., Austin's picture

I'm very happy with my tubed 2-channel stereo. I have a fair number of DTS CDs that I will play on the HT. They are fun. However, I have about 1000 CDs and even more LPs, hundreds not even out of the wrapper yet. I'm 30 now; by the time I'm 60 I might be through most of the ones still in the wrapper today.