What are your feelings about bluegrass music and performance?

In the June issue of <I>Stereophile</I>, Art Dudley <A HREF="http://www.stereophile.com/showarchives.cgi?855" TARGET=NEW>waxes poetic</A> about the virtues of bluegrass music and festivals. What do you think about this acoustic form?

What are your feelings about bluegrass music and performance?
Love it!
24% (48 votes)
Like it
25% (49 votes)
It's okay
19% (38 votes)
Don't care for it
15% (30 votes)
Don't like it
9% (18 votes)
Hate it
8% (16 votes)
Total votes: 199

jon blaschke's picture

It's jazz by white country guys (& now girls). Listen to Tony Trischka for improvisational genius.

Claude Wallace's picture

Bluegrass music is an authentic evocation of hearth and heart. The range of virtuosity flowing from both instrumental and vocal performances is a constance source of joy and, as such, keeps its audience involved. I am always thrilled and surprised by the caliber of new talent drawn to this art form and I'm a Canuck, eh?

Douglas Hamilton's picture

I can't say I go out of my way to buy bluegrass, it's just never been apart of what I'm after. Folk music on the other hand is. The arguement should then arise, isn't bluegrass a type of folk. Well of course. Bottom line all music is good. Just get out there and listen.

Glenn Bennett's picture

It's fun to listen to and can certainly show off a good hi-fi system! I enjoy many different kinds of music...expand your horizons!

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Michael Landess's picture

I love bluegrass, It's fun to see live and it usually records well. I call it "fun" music.

John's picture

It's probably my favorite music live. I generally prefer acoustic music live, but recorded acoustic music often fails to hold my interest.

dick carney's picture

It's toe-tapping good.

FROSTY's picture

HEY STEREOPHILE!!!! Are you guys running out of good questions????

agim's picture

too cornball for me -- but if others like it, good for them.

Davet's picture

Living close to West Virginia (NoVa) I get to hear quite a bit of Bluegrass. I find that BG is a lot easier on my ear than CW. You can't beat CW for lyrics, though. The musicians in BG seem to have more latitude within in the melodic structure than those in CW.