What are your audiophile predictions for 2009?

What are your audiophile predictions for 2009?
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Will it be more of the same or is there a big development lurking around the corner? What are your audiophile predictions for 2009?

Bob's picture

SEC probes will find out that Steve Jobs had 3 billion invested with Madoff and Poof! Ipods and iTunes are no more. After 10 years of research coming to fruition, SME will come out with that $472,832 Caliburn Killer that all of 3 people in the world can afford. (And Mikey Fremer gets the first one!) And Jonathon Scull hits powerball and sends everyone in America a Cadbury creme egg and a Shun Mook Puck for easter. Ah, we can only dream.

Mark's picture

To merge music into the Blu-ray format.

Chris's picture

Apple creates a new device, the ViPod. A personal stereop device for the vinyl crowd. at 13 inches by 13 inches by half an inch thick (for the single disc variety), it's a smash hit for people who want to take their 180 gram vinyl discs with them to the gym where they can get a full 20 minutes on the treadmill before they have to flip the disk over to the "B" side.

selfdivider's picture

More of the digital music being "served." More manufacturers building more turntables. Which means more of the same.

EP's picture

I think we will see more media servers being available from the big names in audio equipment. I also think that with the economy on the rebound, retail sales of high-end audio equipment will not be strong.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

With the the economy deeply in the toilet, I expect a fair number of audiophile grade manufacturers and retailers to go belly up.

Terry S's picture

Yet another dumb format for connecting gear. Convinced DVI, HDMI, etc. are cooked up by Monster and the other cable manufacturers to create sales.

Johannes Sebastian Nielsen's picture

Digital amps will be developed further, by many more vendors.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

More music server craze, I'm afraid.

Aaron's picture

Digital Media servers.

stephen w sweigart's picture

More high-end download DAC's and servers!

David J's picture

I have a weird feeling that vinyl (LP records) will make some big news interms of a "comback". Our youth seem to be investigating what we "older" audio fans grew up with.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

A hard rain is going to fall.

Eric Shook / 29 / Raleigh, NC's picture

I think we will see some great improvements in music servers' interface. Possibly a mass market producer will come out with a server. Maybe even Oppo? I can't wait to see the Vandersteen Model 7. I've heard you can stand on the mid-range cone alone, it's that rigid. Also, I might start my third company. Will it be an audio one?

Rudemiestre's picture

The 'Compact Open Baffle Speaker System' will be patented. COBSS produces clean natural bass in the smallest enclosure possible for a given bass driver.

Noam Geller's picture

I predict a big progress in the zone of digital amps, a true hi-fi for a couple of bucks!! Viva la revolution!!

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Do you think there really is "a big development lurking around the corner"? I seriously doubt it.

bro's picture

Deflation of prices, an end of the race for statement products and the beginning of a race for the mid- and lower-market segments. Good, affordable desktop systems as an entry into the audiophile realm.

michele surdi's picture

Computer audio is here to stay and it'll make the format wars look like pillowfights

Alfredo's picture

Price of MP4 player will go down, really down!

Noah Bickart's picture

The death of high-rez Optical disc formats, and the rise of the server.

Tim Baughman's picture

1. With consumer spending contracting, several high-end companies will be foreced to merge or close. 2. Inventories will grow, and discounting will increase, especially in the mid-high end. 3. Blu-ray audio will not take off--audiophiles will wait for very high-rez downloads. 4. Vinyl will continue to grow sales.

Ron Ramsey's picture

A completely new audio format: 10TB implants, wired directly to the brain's sensory centers. It's just like being there! An end to those tiresome audiophile botherations: speaker placement, standing waves, expensive cables, inferior D/A converters, back pain from hauling equipment. No need for a car stereo! Downloading is also a benefit: Get all Grateful Dead shows directly from Bob Weir's brain! It may come with side effects: migraines, nausea, dizziness, tumors, schizophrenic hallucinations, imagined voices, and violent mood swings. Life is a risk.

Aphidman's picture

I predict the return of the 78 RPM shellac record.

caz's picture

Lossless compression will be available on many MP3 players for us to enjoy.

pop's picture

Blue-ray audio only records.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA.'s picture

Due to the continued economic downturn, I predict that most companies will either maintain status quo, or, in most cases, will cut back production and development and defer to depleting current inventory by making prices more attractive to the consumer. This scenerio, of course, would not apply to the extreme high-end manufacturers, whose products very few will purchase anyway.

Glenn Bennett's picture

Please, new components at a reasonable price (around $500) that are good and affordable.

Austin's picture

Who the heck buys CD players any more?

Derek Johnson's picture

The year, your computer becomes a more important part of your system then your CD player.