What are some other fun audio websites?

What are some other fun audio websites?
Here's one or two
91% (321 votes)
Can't think of one
9% (33 votes)
Total votes: 354

The internets have brought audiophiles a wealth of information never before available. Sure you are reading Stereophile.com right now, but what are some other fun audio websites?

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Head-Fi and Mr. Fremer's Music Angle are some of my favorites. I also like Music Direct, so I can drool over all of the stuff that I can't afford.

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www.turnmeup.org Check it out,this is why you don't want to actually sit down and listen to music! Help bring back dynamic range.

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Audiophilia.com Positive-feedback.com. Quad-musik.de

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Soundstage.com, 6moons.com and, of course, audioasylum.com. Diversity of viewpoints and equipment reviews, along with interaction on the latter.

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www.hifi.nl ~ a Dutch (The Netherlands) hifi site with all the hifi and video news, hard- and softwarereviews, blog, second hand advertisements, and not to forget: "myhifi" where you can upload photo's and description of your own hifi/HT-set (http://my.hifi.nl/)

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www.6moons.com and Tone Audio

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Audiokarma.org. www.decware.com

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The Internet has been, by and large, the downfall of well recorded music (i.e., fine vinyl and reel to reel), and by extension, the degredation of consumer access to the finest audio gear via brick-and-mortar outlets.

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www.head-fi.org - A community of headphone enthusiasts and other related equipment www.cardas.com - they have terrific articles dealing with cabling, room acoustics and other audio related issues.

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I enjoy Audio Asylum, Polk Audio Forum, and HeadRoom...

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headfi.org. headwise.com.

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Head-Fi FTW. Most fun place for audio anywhere - and such a huge membership base.

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Head-fi! Nowhere is more fun.

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