What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?

What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?
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Although, as noted last week, some companies falter, there are always new ones trying to establish themselves and grow. What are the brightest stars among new audio companies?

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Era loudspeakers

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Not sure, but companies like Peachtree Audio seem to be on the right track.

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Apogee and Counterpoint. I wonder what kind of products they would be producing today.

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Guru Pro Audio (http://guruproaudio.com/)

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Halcro. Usher.

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1) Frank Tchang's Acoustic Systems International offers many new and interesting ideas and approaches, 2) Yamamoto Sound Craft (quite new on the international radar), and 3) Thomas Schick's beautiful 12" tonearm.

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Valve Audio

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Heed Audio; very musical and beautiful gear, designed by Richard Hay (founder of Ion Systems). Recently bought the new Obelisk SI amplifier and Orbit 2 turntable PSU, which are more than satisfactory.

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Seems like I've read more about good companies folding than start-ups. I liked Hovland, but could never afford its products. One bright spot: NHT is back!

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PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two, while not entirely new is one, so is Zu Audio's new Essence.

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Peachtree Audio

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Bel Canto Design. While only relatively new, they are local for my area and I hope they keep getting better. Very innovative company.

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Sooloos, because it took such a giant step.

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First of all, Slim Devices (as distinct from Logitech). Secondly, it's finally the realization that DACs are the way to go. We're starting to see some good ones come out now. Hopefully there will be more. Thirdly, the other players in this field: Sonos and Sooloos. Unfortunately, the hi-fi manufacturers have got it wrong again—network players from Linn, Naim, et al, are rubbish, in my opinion.

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Blue Jeans Cables

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Virtue Audio, making small amps that sound big for a very reasonable cost.

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NuForce. They are a company that constantly develops and upgrades their technology, and have keen eye on where the industry is going. NuForce's pricing is also real-world, and the company stands behind its products and supports its customers.

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Shindo and TW Acoustics.

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NuForce. Superb line of equipment starting with the famous amps and down to great budget gear. Got good ears, them.

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Salk Signature Sound's Veracity HT3 loudspeakers

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Sonos and Sooloos—both companies get the future, although at very different performance levels and price points.

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Yaqin Audio—very affordable tube gear that's well built and can even endear itself to tube greybeards.

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I have three. ModWright Instruments, Daedalus Audio, and Gill Audio Design. Many are familiar with Dan Wright's tube-based modifications and his preamp and transporter, but Dan recently produced his first power amplifier, the KWA 150—an all solid-state design—and is following it up with the KWA 100. Dan's products are incredible designs, are well-built, and produce amazing music at an incredibly reasonable price point. Lou Hinkley at Daedalus Audio makes beautiful all-hardwood speakers that are the most natural sounding speakers I have heard. As a musician, Lou's goal was to build a speaker that would reproduce musical instruments to sound like they sound when you hear them live and he has succeeded in a big way. And very reasonably priced. David Gill has teamed with Joe Fratus at Art Audio. David has designed and builds an incredible line-up of a vacuum-tube preamp, amp, and DAC. I now own a ModWright amp, Daedalus speakers, and Gill's Alana preamp, replacing Bryston and Music Fidelity gear and B&W speakers. My system has never sounded better. All three companies will be at RMAF in three weeks.

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The one that stands out for me is Sooloos. Although I can only dream.

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I like what Zu is trying to do both with its products and its company.

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Red Wine Audio and Dodd Audio. The future is off the grid.

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Trends Audio