What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
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Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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Total votes: 309

We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

Nate L.'s picture

I've owned Magneplanar speakers for 10 years- my current speakers are MG2.6/R's. Like many Magneplanar owners, I've found that Bryston amps mate well with Magneplanars. In my case, it's a 4B; pre-amp is a Bryston BP25/P.

David Kessel's picture

Dynaco MK-III's with Joe Curcio's drivers. Like the basic concept so much that I'm in the process of building Curcio's MQ-100's. These guys use the same cascode driver but put four 6550's to work with Magnequests massive transformers. Can't wait to hear the results. These are going to kick some Thiel 2 2 butt.

Randall Bowman's picture

Creek 4330

RSFMotoman's picture

Luxman M111. I bridge it to 75 watts but it gets hot and shuts down when I play it loud.Seems like I need a new amp.

G Brown's picture

SonicFrontiers SFS40 (2). BiAmp MartinLogan Aerius i

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If a speaker manufacturer demonstrates his speakers with certain electronics - to me - that is a very powerful and persuasive recommendation. To date - Wilson Audio has consistenly used Krell and Audio Research power amps in the demonstrations of their speakers at various shows (except for the New York show when they used Conrad Johnson). So - I use Krell Audio Standard-2 monoblocks to drive my Watt/Puppies 5.1. I know you didn't ask but yes I also use Transparent Reference Speaker cable in between the amps and speakers.

John Martin's picture

Cheap-Acurus, Rotel, Marantz Expensive- Aragon, Sunfire, Classe

David W.  Jones's picture

I think the Plinius SA-100 MkII is THE amplifier at its price point. I simply have not heard better and I plan to get one soon to drive my Snell B-Minors.

David Merrifield's picture

Krell KAV300i

mike robertson's picture

marantz pm17

Bob Gange's picture

McIntosh amplifiers! For years the best performance and value as well as most dependable on the market.

Dave Leeger's picture

Bryston 4 BST Plenty of umph! Quiet. Well Built. Did I say Quiet!

Eric Carlson's picture

PSB Stratus Silver

GPB's picture

I purchased a used McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe that was about 7 months old. Then sent it to Steve McCormack for a Revision A modification. This amp is the best and didn't cost a fortune! Highly recommended.

jig's picture

I am using Gryphon Tabu AT. It is warm, powerful, countrol, detailed,and sweat. It is worthful for anyone to buy.

Ric Robin's picture

Adcom Stuff - GFA 555 Amp, GTP 550 Pre Amp. We've been together ten years, and around the world! Matched to my Snell C's and the neighbors know we're home, in any language!

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Hey, I

chrishladky@webtv.net's picture

Krell 300i, 150 watts of pure sweet sounds

Don Bilger's picture

I use an Audio by Van Alstine Omega II 240, built into a NOS Dynaco Stereo 150 chassis, in my main system. It's neutral, dynamic and musical, and I have yet to hear another amp (except for the Audio by Van Alstine FET-Valve line) that would make me want to upgrade.

azdrpaint@aol.com's picture

cary SLM 100's w/ B&W 802's....who needs surround sound when you have these? glorious!

olejazzhd@aol.com's picture

carver M-400

Will Clark's picture

Proceed AMP3 (for Thiel 2.3s). Very clean, but bigger amps (Krells) add more dynamic contrast and greater low-frequency extension.

Stephen Eggleston's picture

I have used a 20-year-old Yamaha CA-2010 with my 20-yr-old Maggie MG-IIa's for, ahem, 20 years, and they still sound like magic. I added a B&W sub (the ASW 2000) and made a near-perfect system. But the front end is still the most important, and I'm getting ready to upgrade that to a Arcam 9.

Bruce Dowell's picture

McIntosh 7270

SUDOX's picture

Carver TFM-45 amp & CT-17 preamp thankfully purchased before BOB CARVER left.

Wayne Brusso's picture

Mark Levison 331 LOVE IT!

Bill Hegel's picture

Hafler 9505

Paul Lohman - Minneapolis's picture

An AVA (Van Alstine) Omega III 260HC. 130 watts/channel. A beautiful sounding amplifier - quick and defined with tight bass and liquid highs (lots of air and space). It replaced a very fine amplifier in my system but was one of the best upgrades I have ever made.

Aaron Young's picture

Aragon 8008 BB

G.  Strausser's picture

Phase Linear 400-Shows you what kind of audiophile I am.