What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
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Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

Jim's picture

McIntosh MC2105---just looking at it makes me feel good. Newer? Better? Sure. Would they give me the same pleasure of owning? Doubtful (for the money at least).

St&amp;eacute;phane L&amp;eacute;pine's picture

YBA Integré DT. If you don't have more than $5000 to spend on separate amp and preamp, don't look (hear) further. Also, don't think that because it is small that it cannot deliver . . . I have electrostatics, and this amp just loves to be pushed to the limit. In fact, the manufacturer specifed that it is at its best with the volume more than halfway up!!! Amazingly, even in summer it runs cool . . . the only thing that is hot is the sound.

Will Woodruff's picture

NAD 218 THX. Good value, would like something with better build quality.

Dave LoVerdi's picture

Plinius SA-100

Ken Schacter's picture

Sonic Frontiers POwer 2

Mike Currie's picture

I use a Conrad-Johnson CAV-50 driving a pair of Meadowlark Shearwaters (hot-rod version). What a great combination! These are both absolutely top best-buys, in my book. The C-J responds very, very well to 12AX7 replacement with either Telefunken or Mazda (France) NOS tubes.

D.P.  Cooke's picture

Belles 150A (Power Modules; 2-ch, 100Wpc)---a great match driving my B&W Matrix 803/2 speakers. Also use a Rotel RB-985 (5-ch) for home-theater duties.

Dan L.'s picture

Bryston B-60R---the only component I've ever had that I was totally satisfied with. This would be a great buy if it were just a preamp, but throw in a great-sounding 60Wpc amp as well and a 20-year warranty, and you've got great sound for a lifetime.

Dave's picture

Classé CA-200 driving Thiel CS2.3s. Great match!

B.  Holly's picture

Bryston B-60 driving Vandersteen 2Ce's. Enough juice for my mid sized room and very natural sounding.

gbolt@usa.net's picture

I thoroughly enjoy my McCormack DNA1. I'm considering the "b" upgrade. It has quick transients and a clean high end .

DB's picture

Plinius 8150 i integrated amp blows everything else out of the water except SETs for $30k or more!

pete hogan's picture

quicksilver mini-mites

John C.  Gernowich's picture

I own a Crown K-2 and love it. Crown is still the world's best amplifier manufacturer!

S.J.  Kremer's picture

Rotel RB-991 hot-rodded with AudioQuest AC cord. Makes a difference. Rotel competes with anything at three times the price when cables and interconnects are matched up.

Ron Taylor's picture

Audio Research VT200. TUBES are the only way to go!!

Anonymous's picture

levinson 331

Fenton Gehrke's picture

Centrex by Pioneer KH-8855. It's a 1978 model and still running strong!

koa149@yahoo.com's picture

a yamaha dsp a-1, "sweet!!!"

Jan Vangrov's picture

Cary SLM70 Signatures drive my PBN Montana XP speakers very well.

A.R.  Brittain's picture

Two Carver A760x's, vertically biamped, drive NHT 2.9s. Sound sweet to me, but would like to try a pair of Classé A200s.

Dave Smith's picture

Mirage M5's, 2 Adcom 545II, horizontal bi-amp, Vampire speaker cable

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yamaha, when this stuff bothers me,give it away and buy a new model, ther are cheap.

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Golden Tube SE40 Special Edition, NOS 5692 Red-Base driver tubes (courtesy of Kevin Deal), and NOS Philips 6L6 power tubes. Great sound for $.

Terry R.'s picture

Audiolab 8000S: a bargain at the price. Had it for 1.5 years. Home-auditioned it against 5 of its competitors, all "blessed" products, and chose it as the most synergistic in my system. Of course, your system may vary!

Thom Taylor's picture

I'm just lovin' my McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe. SWEET Sound @ an affordable price!

I.  B.  Kuhl's picture

Krell KAV 300i. Great sound at a greater price.

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