What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
96% (298 votes)
Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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Total votes: 309

We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

Jason Jue's picture

Martin Logan Aerius. Great quality compare to the price.

jason's picture

lexicon dc-1 do i need to say more.

steven dohmeyer's picture

ive purchased every piece of gear used from ambrosia meridian 602 trans.,monarchy 22a d/a (a wonderful bargain), encore electronics dl 2010.2 preamp, and a bel 1001 mk. 2 power amp. i am very happy.....

Paul Kittinger's picture

To drive my home-brew 3-way systems using ScanSpeak drivers, I passively biamplify. The midranges and tweeters are driven from the power amp in my Linn Classik, and the woofers are driven from bridged NAD power amps. The bridged NADs have exactly the same voltage gain as the Classik, but have about twice the output power.

WGJ III's picture

I own a Krell 300i integrated amplifier. My speaker cables are MIT T2 biwire. My interconnect cables are the MIT 330 Plus II. My disc player is the Sony DVP-S7000. The synergy of this system is right on time. The Krell's dynamics are top-notch, and the MIT cables soothe out the S7000's soul. Together, they make a pretty damn decent combination.

Harry Kane's picture

For the past 15 years I've been running a Hafler DH-220 I built from a kit. Clean sound, low noise---and robust. Survived a teenage daughter!

Joe's picture

Meridian 556. What I'd really like is a Mark Levinson 330-series amp or maybe a Krell integrated, but that'll have to wait until I'm out of college.

Gardiner McCauley's picture

Custom design scratch built dual mono 160wpc transistor design

James Sutherland's picture

Martin Logan CLS IIz with Audio Research VTM 120's

Jim Ashby/jaabaa@swbell.net's picture

Had maggies 1.5's 3 years for audio,and SMGa's for the home theater. The live type of feelings passed by these types of speakers will always be my favorite.My amp needs to be replaced with a Arogon 8002,presently a carver TFM-45.The Arogon did great with a 2 hour demo on 1.6s,last month,Note maggies need room to breath.

Juan Lugo's picture

Acurus A100

Riva Karjono's picture

Bryston B-60. Want to get Sim Audio Celeste I-5080 though.

Mark Glover's picture

Lexicon/Bryston amps. Very detailed, great bass. Drive my B&W 801's very good.

Joel's picture

Parasound HCA1200II, Love it, was inexpensive and to me sounds great. I would like to find another one to match.

Glenn Robinson's picture

Carver AV705x THX certified 110w x 5 the green power on light is too bright - I am going to see if I can get a tech to change the bulb. I love the sound and the peak power indicator lights that will start to light if you crank it way too loud.

Marty T.'s picture

Acurus 200 x3 has been a workhorse in my system. I added another and an NAD 2400 to handle all seven channels in my system.

sergio morales, mexico's picture

I have two pairs of klichps klf30 whit krell cav 300 and the sound i

R.  Levesque's picture

JOB stereo. Just 50Wpc but a damn good 50.

J.D.  Jones's picture

I have never heard anything that sounds better than my Quad Pro-64. The Linn Klout is a perfect match for them.

Mike D's picture

Adcom - Great sound great value!

Jim K's picture

Sunfire! Lots of current to control deep bass.

Michael's picture

A pair of Pass Aleph 2 monoblocks. Love them. They were replacing a Krell KSA 300 S 2 years ago. The Krell sounded really shitty in comparison to the Alephs 2

Hardy Wang's picture

Mark Levinson No.333 driving a pair of B&W Silver Signature 30s. Will be upgrading to the ML 33Hs soon.

John Paul, Auckland, NZ's picture

New Zealand made Plinius SA-50 via M-16 Pre-amp. Not transistor or tube characteristic sound; just sweet, clean lovely heart stirring music

D.  Shapiro's picture

I love my YBA Integre'

Bob's picture

I began my "audiophile odyssey" with a cheap Yamaha receiver, graduating to an Audio Research LS3 preamp, which was paired with a Krell 50-s amp until the preamp's turn-on switch died and I purchased a Krell KRC-3 preamp. Along the way I replaced my CAL transport/Theta DAC combo with a Krell 300CD. So this is what drives my Apogee Centaur Minor speakers, and to their credit, the speakers reflected EVERY change! Im happy now (for a while?).

Jon Andresen's picture

On the awesome Dunlavy IVas, the equally awesome Audio Research VT100 Mk.2 is the best sound for the money, hands down. Soon to come in the same system is the Nelson Pass design, the Son of Zen, which I am going to build.

Valeriujus's picture

NAD 317 integrated amplifier. I like it very much. But the next year I going to by ADCOM.

AbelPena's picture

I have Martin Logan reQuest.If you like Jazz, They are excellent. I had: Energy,B&W, NHT, Martin Logan Aerius 1, Martin Logan SL3.

Steve Dodds's picture

An aging 30W British Onix integrated bought ex-demo from a dealer who kept it too long---a minimalist black box that sounds like heaven with my Monitor Audios. A Rogers E20 valve integrated drives my "designer" system using Rogers db101. (Don't laugh---they rock together, even if the speakers cost a fifth of the amp's price.)