What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
96% (298 votes)
Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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Total votes: 309

We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

Pete's picture

Mark Levinson No. 29. 50 watts might not sound like a lot of power, but this dual-monural Class-A amp never leaves me wanting for more.

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Krell KAV 500i

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Classe CAP 151. Integrated amps provide a stronger value...and the CAP 151 comes closer to the Rowland Concentra than it's price would suggest.

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I'm still using a 20-year-old Yamaha receiver that I hope to replace as soon as I'm able. I would like Conrad-Johnson, Audio Research, Aragon or maybe Krell. Probably separates.

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Classé CA 300 monoblocks. I am always looking to upgrade my system, but the amps, well, they just always remain the same.

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my poweramp:harman-kardon 16s(150w/c)driving a pair of energy 22.1 with 24" atlantis reference stand and van del hull cable.cd player and processor from mission dad and dac 5.not the best in the world but a lot better than what k-mart sold. love the MUSIC i ear.for now i'm very very happy with it but don't give me 20000$.

Mannie Smith's picture

Pass Aleph 3! Great with My Avalon Monitors and VTL TL2.5 tube preamp.

Chuck's picture

Acurus A100

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

Adcom GFA-555 II. Tubes are for guitar amps.

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I have a McCormack Power Drive DNA 0.5 Deluxe Edition.

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Levinson 332

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Pass Aleph 3. Everyone's amazed to find this little 30-watter driving Dunlavy IVs.

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I have a Spectral DMA 80 for power and a Spectral DMC12 preamp. The power amp alone is a killer, but when teamed with the DMC12, "magic" is the only adjective that comes to mind. After auditioning everything under the sun, be it valves or solid-state, the "dream team" stole the show. They are the most transparent components I've ever heard, and low-level detail is unparalleled. Imagine the harmonic structure of tubes without the noise or the hassle. They'll also drive any load imaginable without strain or grain. Try that with an SE triode.

Steve Lane's picture

McCormack DNA1 MOD3

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wisdom audio adrenaline dipole 75 speaker system with 2-ML33H and a ML336

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Naim Nait 3 integrated amp. Relatively dynamic and clean. I don't even miss the remote. :-)

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Custom-built 20W valve amplifiers by a Toronto-based designer (Joe Rosen), built with my ESL-63s in mind. Everything is done right, with no skimping on the parts quality. I've heard a lot of commercial stuff, but nothing else comes close. When I turn out the lights, it's sonic hologram time. The image floats in 3-D space with dead silence separating each instrument (on a properly miked acoustic recording), with delicacy and detail that have me hearing things in some recordings that I never knew were on the disc.

Michael J.  Rodriguez's picture

Cary 805c monoblocks---the sweetest sounds this side of heaven.

Guy White's picture

Classe CA-300

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Mark Levinson ML-331. Just right to drive my Dunlavy SC-IV in my 19W X 18L X 12H listening room. Great tonal and spectral balance.

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Homebrew shunt-load SE. Svetlana EF86 (as triode, choke plate load) driving SV83 (as triode) one-electron iron. JOY!

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YBA 2 Alpha HC...Simply wonderful! A must try

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Technics GX40 Receiver

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Threshold T800D---a serious amp that makes my heart feel light driving ML SL3s.

Xavier Barrett's picture

Aragon 2004 MkII's. Great control of my Audio Artistry Dvoraks.

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Classe DR3 Love the midrange on up. A little lacking at the bottom. I tried to replace them a numbeer of times, but nothin' under the price of a BMW will touch these black boxes. Nothin' till I heard the wonderful Sim Audio Moon 5 amps. Not as much depth as the DR3 but everythig else is as good or better. Almost bought the Levinson 33s a while back but even the salesman preferred the transparency of the DR3 over the this over rated Levinsons.

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Aragon 8008BB