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Weird Question(s)!

I'm wondering if any of you out there in the great ether might be able to help me solve this problem:

I'm using a Sanus SFV49 A/V stand as an audio rack. This is what it looks like:

I've got my amp and turntable side by side on the top shelf of this thing and need to provide more isolation or distance between my turntable and speakers that are on either side of this stand. I'd like to center both the turntable and the amplifier on the top shelf with the turntable above the amplifier on some sort of shelf or riser. Sanus doesn't make any accessory like this that would do the job. Wall-mounting the turntable is not an option. The amp is too big to go on a lower shelf and there's no room for it to go on the floor on an amp stand. However, I'm wondering if an amp stand or an add-on shelf from Pangea, Vulcan, Salamander or one of those companies might work for this. The amp (McIntosh MA5200) is approximately 17.5" wide X 6" high X 22" deep and weighs around 40 lbs. I'd like to have, at least, 1" of ventilation for it (i.e. 1" space between top of amp and bottom side of shelf the turntable would sit on). The turntable (Mofi Ultradeck+M) is approximately 19.69" wide X 6" high X 14.25" deep and weighs around 23 lbs.

Thanks for any help, ideas, ruminations or pearls of wisdom on this. I'd even be open to something custom-made, as long as it doesn't cost an arm & a leg or my first born.

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