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How ironic that you wrote this editorial for this particular issue.  3 of us had just left Day 1 of Chicago Axpona and the issue of music as well as the presenters in the areas we visited were the subject of frustration.  Your comments were 100% accurate.  Too often rooms were manned by poor excuses for DJs rather than sales representatives that could get you excited about the product.  It was if, "Here's my product, here's the music, when will the day get over"?  was the only thing on their mind.  No wonder the industry is losing brick and mortar stores and mfrs.  

On the other hand, as you also stated, a group of rooms where the person explained the music and why it was chosen and what to look for.  Those were the rooms that stayed busy and made you want the product.  These are the products that will drive the market the next few years.

Axpona Chicago had to be considered a success.  We were there 2 days and can't wait until next year. Hopefully the show will be bigger and the weather will be just as nice.



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