Was there anything at CES that got you excited this year?

Was there anything at CES that got you excited this year?
46% (48 votes)
7% (7 votes)
Not really
19% (20 votes)
28% (29 votes)
Total votes: 104

Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. Was there anything at CES that got you excited this year?

Nodaker's picture

I said no, because I wasn't there. Makes it easy.

Alex B.'s picture

Suprised that Stereophile missed the Isomike room run by Ray Kimber. Sony speakers and EMM Labs digital front-end playing back four-channel digital master tapes produced the best sound at the show by a long shot, IMHO.

Bill Wright's picture

There were a number of rooms and products that were excellent—the Mystere demo, sponsored by Upscale Audio. And Nola's suite, with the Metro Grand Reference speakers. Joseph Audio's Pearls were wonderful, with great bass and clarity. The Usher room, featuring the Dancer Mini-One Diamond, was another favorite. The darTZeel room was also superb, as were the Reference 3A Grand Veenas, another top contender. And Soundsmith's room—their stand-mount speakers and wood-cased amplification made the music warm and inviting. Overall, a great show!

Steve's picture

Found the Rockport room over at the Mirage. Really nice small speakers for an apartment dweller. The Blue Smoke server was also outstanding. It seemed to play everything and was really expandable. Would love to have them both.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

I wish I went.

ss's picture

Least interesting year ever!

Pranwash Majurkee's picture

Simaudio's 32-bit Moon 750D DAC with built-in transport.

ray r.'s picture

Magnepan's 1.7 speakers

KT's picture

Magnepan 1.7

Elias Karazanos's picture

Halcro—the architects of sound. Just beyond anything else.

Tim Simpson's picture

3D TV, of course.

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Fantastic demo in the TAD room again. Every year the room kicks butt! Let's hope they take it to market this year by selling through a great dealer network and not let every Pioneer dealer sell the stuff.

JAMES WARD's picture

Ayre QB9 DAC

C.  King, Thousand Oaks, CA's picture

The drinks were excellent.

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The TAD room was totally outstanding this year with their new mono amplifiers and their CD-player. For me, it was Nirvana on earth!

Sam Lowenski's picture

The United Home Audio reel-to-reel tape deck in the Nola room. They were playing a tape that I thought was a master tape, but it was actually recorded on the deck from vinyl! Then, on Sunday, I heard the Arnold Overtures on The Tape Project master tape and wow! Beautiful amazing sound. We moved from CD to SACD, then we moved backwards to vinyl and now back again to reel-to-reel for better sound, What an evolution of technology.

Chris, NYC's picture

Yes, and I already have one. Specifically interested in an asynchronous USB DAC (not adaptive).

Paul's picture

Changes are not so rapid in hi-fi that we should get excited about anything.

Ken Sheehan's picture

No value products in the audio sphere. Just higher price points for same old, same old. Seems the magic price point for speakers has become $32k plus. Crazy!