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Warm in time for a CD Player !?!

Hello again. I have been posting quite a bit about my new CD player purchace. Despite the fact I did not give it a glowing review (yet?), I am happy to have it as I was not expecting a huge improvement anyway.

I talked to the salesman that sold it to me just this evening. He is a techy and installer, not just a sales guy, so I generally do trust what he says. He said that the last 4 customers who added one of these to their system, said that the unit really improves after about 20 hours of use.

Can that be true and how?

Jeff Wong
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Re: Warm in time for a CD Player !?!

This will tread into troll-luring territory, but, I believe the change in sound is often due to the dielectric in the capacitors and/or wires getting signal passing through them. The upgraded polystyrene capacitors in a few of my DACs over the years all seemed to change in sound after a couple hundred hours. Insulation and its effect on phase and smearing of the signal is a much debated topic. I am of the camp that it makes a difference based on my listening experience.

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