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Want to share two sets of speakers with one PC- via a selector box. Need your help!

Currently I have a Klipsch 4.1 speaker system in my office which is where I play the majority of my music from. I'd like to run a second/independent set of 2.1 speakers to the living room from the same PC.
Is there a switch box or "selector" box available that will allow me to select between SetA, SetB or Both?

Currently my Klipsch set consists of a sub and 4 satellite speakers, one of which acts as a main desktop control (volume, subvolume, balance etc.). The sub is A/C powered and plugs into my PC's soundcard via two 1/8th-inch mini plugs (front and rear), the 4 satellites then plug into the sub via standard copper wire spring clips.

I'd need something that accepts input from the soundcard (2 channel, front/rear) and has multiple selectable outputs.

Really, I'm not sure if this is even realistic based on distances, voltage/signal loss, impedance issues etc...

I'm hoping someone can offer some suggestions or enlightenment on this project.


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