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Want to get a new speaker setup for my computer

I've been browsing these forums for about a month, and now that I've gotten my X-mas money and all, I've decided to purchase some new speakers for my computer. Currently I have Creative T5400's which I thought were amazing, the problem was that the subwoofer booms way too much now that I guess my ears have matured or something, and I rarely listen to music or watch movies with the speakers (the only thing I really use them for is to play games).

I was considering the Creative T20 Speakers, and then the Bose Companion 3 speakers, and now that I've seen this forum, I've realised that these speakers aren't exactly very high end.

Currently I am looking at the AudioEngine A2's since they're about $179 which is in my budget.

I want to spend Less than $200 on my new speaker setup, and I currently have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Sound card if that matters.
Not to mention, my room is very very small, its probably the size of some of y'alls closets. About 8x7 or something, but I have very very high ceilings... did I mention that they are very high? So its a bit hard to find some speakers that can effectively fill the room with sound, without having that stupid subwoofer rattling and booming, and making my parents three rooms down a bit annoyed. Also, turning up these speakers make them distort badly.

I listen to a lot of rap, and some rock like Coldplay, Radiohead, Bloc Party, not the heavy rock stuff. I watch videos alot, TV shows, Movies, etc. and I game a lot

So any other options besides the AudioEngine A2's that I should look into? Remember, Less Than $200 would be most ideal.

Thanks in Advance

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