WAMM Master Chronosonics in West Palm Beach, Florida

On Friday, November 22, from 4–9pm, at Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, Florida, Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio will be demonstrating the WAMM Master Chronosonic with the WAMM Master Subsonic Subwoofers. A wide variety of music will be played, including some of McGrath’s own recordings. Michael Fremer, senior editor of Stereophile and editor of Analog Planet, will be on hand to spin some of his very special vinyl selections.

Mat Weisfeld of VPI Industries will present the new Direct Drive Vanquish Turntable. The brand ambassador for SAT Tonearms will also be in attendance. Dave Gordon and Aldo Filippelli of Audio Research, Karen Sumner of Transparent Audio, Woody Compton of McIntosh Labs, Chris Trojnar of Harman International, Jay Rein of Chord Electronics, Ltd., and Joe Lavrencik of Critical Mass Systems will be available during the afternoon and evening for conversation, personal system evaluations, and upgrade recommendations. Refreshments will be served

Please R.S.V.P. rkothe@audioadvisors.com or call 561-478-3100.

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Mar-a-Lago is nearby ....... May be MF visits that place :-) .......

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Going to bring my son up with me, 22 year old with a growing fascination in audio. Just be aware that the last time he had (unauthorized) access to my turntable he "DJed" the cantilever clean off my V15MR. Relax, that was 19 years ago....

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It will be an amazing evening!

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This will be a world class event that I will not miss! I was fortunate enough to attend the last event at Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach and it was an evening of pure delight. I heard albums I had listened to for my entire life but REALLY heard them for the first time due to the magical sound that can be achieved when presented by Audio Advisors knowledgable staff and the industry greats! What a night this will be to hear music through the Wilson Audio WAMM!

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I too was there and truly enjoyed every minute. Thank you Audio Advisors!

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"Class A, limited extreme LF!"

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May be they could use JL Audio top of the line Gotham subwoofers ...... you think? ...... Audio Advisors are also dealers for JL Audio :-) ........

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More important is subwoofer placement.

In a rectangular room, using 4 subwoofers in the 1/4 placement shown below (reported by Todd Welti as having been suggested to Welti by Floyd Toole, so perhaps might be deservedly called a "Toole Subwoofer Array for Small Room Acoustics") would provide best cancellation of fundamental and low order harmonic Eigentones of the room modes associated with parallel wall room boundaries (not floor-ceiling, and not skew modes). This configuration is significantly smoother than configurations that place subwoofers against the walls.

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Agreed ..... Some listening rooms may not allow for adequate placement of 2 or 4 subwoofers, due to various reasons ....... Lot of people don't have dedicated listening rooms, not to mention WAF ....... In those circumstances, the Devialet SAM or similar EQ/DSP could help :-) .........

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Hardware solutions include "The Swarm," DSPeakers X-4, the discontinued JBL BassQ and Harman's SoundField Management (on various platforms). In software, there is (or will be shortly) DiracLive's Bass Management which integrates all the low frequency sources in the room.

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Kal, To your list of hardware based solutions, I would add the PSI Audio AVAA C20 and the Bag End E-trap. I know that you are already well aware of both of those.

I have not yet had the opportunity to hear either in operation, but I very much like the idea of the AVAA, having the effect of acoustically removing the room boundaries in and near the corner (a corner loaded woofer excursing SPL in antiphase of what is received at the microphone, up through 150_Hz).

Supposedly there is nothing to configure in the AVAA C20, no setup beyond locating the device in the corner, though I would like to see an adjustable attenuator if it does not already have one.

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Yes, agreed KR ...... There are many choices ........ May be you (KR) could also do a follow-up review of one of the Devialet SAM integrated amplifiers and tell us about your listening impressions? :-) .......

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AVM Audio has shown their new active speakers with room sound compensation capabilities in the Warsaw Audio Show (around $25,000/pair) ....... See AnalogPlant video (around 26 min into beginning of the video) ........ KR may be interested in reviewing them :-) .........

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My opinion is that the dominant problem in low frequencies in small room acoustics is the room's modal response. A separate low frequency subsystem can be utilized to better ameliorate the problems in that. So it follows that a very good playback system might include a separate low frequency subsystem. If the system includes a separate low frequency subsystem, then the satellites do not need to provide all of the SPL at low frequencies, and of all of the various tradeoffs in optimization I would argue that SPL at lowest frequencies from the satellites might not be among the most important.

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JCA's review of Devialet integrated amp in the Dec. 2019 issue of Stereophile is an interesting read ....... When the SAM was used, even a full range speaker like the Salon2 benefited in the bass frequencies :-) ........

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Wonder what amplifiers they are using to power those Wilsons? ......... Mark Levinson or McIntosh or Audio Research or Chord or Rotel? ........ Audio Advisors are not dealers for D'Agostino, as per their website :-) ........

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Audio Research, simply because ARC voices their products on Wilson loudspeakers.

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Must be Audio Research top model Reference 750 SE mono-blocks :-) .........