Walter Schofield's Nexus Audio Technologies brings Primare, Anticables, and Alta Audio to ChiTown

Schofield, formerly of Krell, produced a bevy of smart gear (smart as in cool and hip, not Internet of Things smart) to bear on the AXPONA audience. Terry Medalen's Primare electronics from Sweden, including the Primare PRE 35 preamplifier ($5000, reviewed by Sasha Matson in April 2023), Primare A35.8 Amp, 150Wpc into 8 ohms, ($5500, reviewed by Kal Rubinson in November 2022), and Primare DD 35 Transport ($3800) relaxed my internal grouchy beast with their smooth sound and refined sonic beauty. A 432Evo Reference Music Server ($3500, below) served digits.

AntiCables including Level 5.3 (XLR) analog interconnects ($800/pair), Level 3 power cords ($330/5'), and Level 4.2 Flex speaker cables ($580/8' pair) addressed a pair of Alta Audio Adam loudspeakers ($17,000/pair–$18,000/pair, depending on finish), a popular speaker reviewed by Rogier van Bakel in March 2023, which appeared in a number of rooms at AXPONA.

At an earlier room in my day, I'd asked the grilles to be removed from a pair of Adams, to let their top-end breath and sing. No such advice was required of the Schofield room, where the speakers spoke cleanly and clearly, producing deep, subterranean low-end on demand.

I sensed the Primare sonic trademark is one of subtlety and naturalism over brash artificiality, excellent recordings from Nils Frahm, Ryan Adams, and Geoff Castellucci sounding especially creamy and rich.