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Lamont Sanford
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Walter Cronkite is Wasted.

Cronkite was a great anchorman. After the 1968 Tet Offensive, after which the Viet Cong ceased to exist as an effective fighting force for the duration of the war, Cronkite had this this to say...


"It is increasingly clear that the only rational way out will be to negotiate, not as victors but as an honorable people who lived up to the pledge to defend democracy."

So, Washington, like all stupid politicians built their next strategic goof up based entirely on the statement of Cronkite.

Cronkite was also fired from coverage of the 1964 Democratic Convention. Sort of like those two idiots that were fired over on MSNBC for the same shit. Only Cronkite did it in 1964.

Cronkite was pissing in his Depends at least 10 years ago. "And that is the way it is".

Poor Audiophile
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Re: Walter Cronkite is Wasted.

Also, he was considered "the most trusted man in America"!
Some people will believe anybody! Fools!!
He even admitted he lied in his coverage of the war as he was against it! Ya, gotta love "unbiased" reporting!
No, I'm NOT trying to argue the war again.

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