Wadia 861 CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: VPI TNT V-HR turntable/tonearm, Grado Statement Reference and Benz-Micro LO4 cartridges.
Digital sources: Wadia 861, Simaudio Moon Eclipse, Parasound CDP-1000, Marantz CD-63SE CD players.
Preamplifier: VAC CPA1 Mk.III.
Power amplifiers: Classé CAM-350, Mark Levinson No.20.6, VTL Ichiban monoblocks; VAC Renaissance 70/70.
Loudspeakers: Magnepan MG3.6/R, Impact Technologies Airfoil 5.2.
Cables: Nirvana S-X Ltd., Nordost Valhalla.
Accessories: Duo-Tech Cable Burn-In device, Bright Star isolation systems, MIT Z Systems and Nirvana AC isolation and AC delivery systems, AudioPrism Noise Sniffer and Quiet Line AC line filters, VPI HW16.5 record-cleaner, Nordost ECO3 and Music Fidelity DiscSolution CD treatments, Tiptoes, Sumiko Fluxbuster and Needle Nektar, Sheffield/XLO Test & Burn-in CD, Synergistic Research A/C Master Couplers and Reference Master Couplers, Echo Busters room-treatment products.—Brian Damkroger

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