VTL ST-85 power amplifier Associated Components

Sidebar 2: Associated Components

LP playback: Linn Axis turntable, Linn Basik Plus tonearm (with stock Linn wiring), Benz Micro Glider phono cartridge.
CD playback: Enlightened Audio Design CD-1000 CD/LD combi player.
Preamplification: VTL 2.5, Anthem PRE 1L line preamp, Anthem PRE 1P phono stage.
Power amplifiers: JoLida SJ 502A integrated, Audio Alchemy OM-150.
Loudspeakers: NHT 2.5i, Joseph Audio RM-7si Signature on Lovan stands.
Cables: Interconnects: Synergistic Research Alpha and Looking Glass, XLO Pro Type 100. Speaker cables: Cardas Crosslink 1.
Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 116, 110, Power Enhancer and Power Link power cords.

LPs are cleaned with a Nitty Gritty Model One LP cleaner, with Record Research Labs Vinyl Wash fluid; a Hunt EDA record-cleaning brush is employed just prior to playing. Styli are cleaned with Record Research Labs LP #9 stylus-cleaning fluid, a soft brush, or a Signet SK305 electronic cleaner with matching fluid. A Sumiko FB-1 Fluxbuster busts flux. Most CDs are treated with the Aural Enhancer kit from Audience.

Bright Star Audio Big Rocks are placed under most components. Cones from Michael Green and DH Cones, as well as the G-Flex M1 "Balls of Steel," can be found beneath various components. New chez Brownell are an extensive complement of Salamander audio racks, giving everything (including LPs and CDs) a good home. I also use RoomTunes CornerTunes and my own home-brewed sound-absorption panels.—Lonnie Brownell

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