VTL 225W Deluxe monoblock power amplifier RH's 1990 System

Sidebar 2: RH's 1990 System

The playback system included a VPI HW-19 Jr. turntable with an AudioQuest PT-5 tonearm and Sumiko Boron vdH cartridge, Marantz CD-94 CD player, and an Audio Research SP14 preamplifier. Interconnects were Magnan and Expressive Technologies, both of which made obvious audible improvements in the system. The amplifiers drove MartinLogan Sequel IIs and my trusty Vortex Screens through AudioQuest HyperLitz Clear speaker cable. The MartinLogans were bi-wired, with the woofer polarity reversed to reduce the midbass suckout (see Dick Olsher's "Followup" review in Vol.12 No.10). In addition, I spent some time with these VTLs during my review last month of the TDL Reference Standard Loudspeaker.

All AC power was supplied through a Tice Audio Titan/Powerblock combination. The dedicated listening room has optimum dimensional ratios and has been treated with absorbing material. Phantom Acoustics active Shadows in the corners behind the speakers provided attenuation of the room's LF resonance modes. (See my review of these effective room-treatment accessories in the December 1989 issue.)—Robert Harley

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