Voxativ's Ines Adler and Christopher Cunningham brought the full Voxativ experience from Berlin to Rockville, including the new and revised Voxativ Ampeggio back-loaded horn with AC-1.9 full-range driver loudspeaker ($12,900/pair).

Back in 2011 Art Dudley named the original Ampeggio a Stereophile Product of the Year, so this room held special meaning for industry folk and civilians who cherished Art's unique writing, big ears, and generous humanity of spirit.

The original Ampeggio awarded by Art was three times as expensive; the cost has been greatly reduced due to Voxativ's streamlined manufacturing and building processes and place in the market.

Adler also brought her 12Wpc, single-ended, aluminum unibodied Voxativ T211 Integrated Amp ($23,900), and Voxativ rack ($2968). A Weiss Engineering DAC502 ($10,695), streaming Qobuz via UPnP, and Voxativ cabling, including the Voxativ Ampeggio Due speaker cable ($4599/pair), completed the setup.

Voxativ loudspeakers have wonderful qualities of liveliness and expressiveness. Streaming Jacque Loussier's "Little Fugue in C Minor," the 94lb Ampeggios breathed, tossing out music well beyond their physical boundaries. The presentation had punch, precision, and presencein spades. Switching genres to Lee Hazelwood's sophisticated country, the Voxativs were true to source, ditto for Tammy Wynette's "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." The Voxativs played big and generous of soul and disappeared, regardless of genre.

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They do great demos and I like the ‘Voxativ sound.’