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Volume Control for Music Server?

Hey everyone
Yesterday I purchased a pair of 683 b&w speakers and a Decco (DAC + Integrated Amp)and am now using iTunes to play my music. My question is, how should I be controlling the volume in my system? That is, should I be using the PC volume, or the volume on the Decco? I've read various comments about turning the volume on the PC all the way up, turning EQ off, etc. What's the correct way, and is there better software I should be using to play my music (i.e. something other than iTunes)?


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Re: Volume Control for Music Server?

You should CERTAINLY avoid the volume controls on the computer (not only iTunes, but also the one on the tool bar) because these are implemented in the digital domain. I can't remember the exact number but I believe it's like every 6 db reduction in volume sacrifices one digital bit of resolution. I'm not familiar with that integrated but that volume control shouldn't have the same effect. I use Windows XP and here are some settings I have found that affect sound quality:

Windows XP Setting changes:

After right clicking on the volume control in the tool bar make sure that the

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