VMPS Tower 11/R loudspeaker System Details

Sidebar 1: System Details

I used the VMPSes with several amplifiers. They were not particularly amplifier-sensitive, but of the three which saw the most service in the system—the Aragon 4004, Motif MS-100, and PS Audio 200C (not the latest version).

Other equipment used in auditioning the VMPS included the Monster Alpha Two cartridge in an Eminent Technology II tonearm on a Luxman PD-300 turntable, Klyne SK-5A preamp, several CD players (predominantly the California Audio Labs Aria and Audio Concepts), and Monster M-1 loudspeaker cable and M-1000 and Interlink Reference A interconnects.

The Tower II/Rs may be bi-wired. Most of the auditioning was done with mono-wiring; bi-wiring offered some improvements in improved focus, but was not a dramatic upgrade. In fact, if you must limit your wire outlay with these speakers, I recommend mono-wiring with heavier wire instead of bi-wiring with a lesser gauge. Substituting a bi-wire set of Kimber 4TCs for the mono-wire Monster M-1 resulted in a definite deterioration in low-frequency definition.—Thomas J. Norton