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Jan Vigne
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A Visit to Mikey's & the Furutech deMag


OK Jan, you've put yourself out of this thread.

Oh?! Really? How? I can't wait to hear!


You've asked to be treated like you are irrelevant, and so you are.

I thought you were the one asking the questions, Arrrrrnie.

Look, Arrrrrrnie, I am irrelevant to this thread. I don't give a goodgoddamncrap about this thread. This just about the dumbest damn dumbass'd thread I've seen and I've seen a fair number of dumbass'd threads. We're at thirty-howmany-ever pages and we still have no fucking thing accomplished other than thirty-howmany-ever pages of GD bullshit. I haven't given a good GD crap about this thread at all.

Soooooooo, if you think you can make me any more fucking irrelevant to this dumbass'd thread than I already am, you go right fuckin' ahead. I goddamn dare you to make me anymore fuckin'irrelevant to this dumbass'd thread than I already am.



I won't take anything you write seriously.

Good! Now you're catchin' on. What's to take serious? A bunch of over the hill goddamn'd audio goofballs yakkin' their fuckin'brains out about how they measured this file and it didn't do this and it didn't do that GD thing and that's the goddamn fault of shittyassed vinyl and this didn't line up with this bullshit thing somebody measured that I didn't think to fuckin' measure but I will once I buy the gooddamnfuckingmachine but I fucking apologize 'cause you read the fuckin' scale wrong but this is still a fuckin' bloodsport between those I fucking agree with and THOSE - FUCKING - FUCKERS - I - MUST - FUCKING - POUND - IN - TO - THE - FUCKING - GROUND!!!!!!



That includes your challenges.

Nice out, Arrrrrrnie. Mind if I call you "chickenshitarrrrrrnie" from now on?


You're out of the game, Jan.

Really?! What if I don't want to leave?


If you keep hanging around, you're just asking for abuse.


I mean ...

OH, NO! NOT THAT!!!!!!!!!


Are you threatening me, Arrrrrnie?

Don't threaten me, Arrrrrnie.

What are you going to do to me? Tell me tube amps don't sound good?

OH, NO!!!!! NOT THAT!!!!!!!!


Guy, I've been insulted by just about every goddamn swingin'dickidiot on this forum so you'll just join the fuckin' list. And there have been plenty of them on this forum that got here waaaay the fuck ahead of you. I've been challenged to a goddamn barfight on this forum. You got the balls for that, arrrrrnie? Huh, do ya?! I fuckin'doubt it. C'mon, arrrrrrnie, let's rumble, just you an'me! Hey?! Whatsay?

You wouldn't last ten seconds before you'd be measuring some GD thing.

Wannafight, arrrrrnie?! Wannna get good'n GD dirty and fight like girls? C'mon, arnie, BITE ME!

I didn't fuckin' think so. Look around, arnie, look at how many peole give a fucking shit whether you are here or not. Not many.

Most of these idiots have come and gone just like you'll do, Arrrrrrnie.

And I'm still here. So save yourself some time, guy. You're small potatoes around here. Whaddyagot? Twenty posts? You won't make to to a hundred. You ain't got what it takes to survive on this GD forum, arnie, I can tell that right now. Leave now and save yerself the trouble.


Time to go, Jan.

Time to go to bed, that's about it. It's too late for this bullshit.

Look, smartguy, what I said was go ahead and take Ethan's test. Have some goddamn fun. This is a goddamnfuckingaudio forum, arrrrrrnie. Why are you even here if you're not interested in having some fun? 'Cause you want to beat up on somebody on an internet forum? GoodFuckingGod! Don't you people have anything better to do with your time? What a miserable goddamn life you all must lead if this is your goddamn entertainment.

Loosen the fuck up, Arnie.

Take Ethan's test. What have you got to loose other than your pride? So you get embarrassed, is that such a horrible thing? Goodlord, man, this is an GD internet audio forum for godssake. So what if you aren't right, who the fuck cares?! Winer'll throw it your way no matter what.

Get overyerbadassself.

And cut the "You're out of the game, Jan" bullshit. Think about how goddamn'd stupid you sound.



I just pee'd my goddamnself I'm so goddamn scared now.


You're another idiot who thinks way too much of his fuckin'opinion and of audio forums. Join the god-damn club. And then get over yerself.

Shutthefuckup and take the goddamn test.

And stop threatening me, you idiot.

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