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Violin players


Going to ask a question that might sound dumb but as usual thats never stopped me before !!

Anne Sophie Mutter and Janine Jansen are both very reputable players yet there music leaves me cold it just doesnt sound right somehow. Hilary Hahn and Rachel Barton Pine have the exact opposite effect, their sound just draws me in and sounds so emotional.

What causes this, is it the player, the music, the instrument or my mood at that point in time ?

Any comments?


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Re: Violin players

It's not a dumb question. There are some performers that you just connect with and others you don't. It's a personal thing. For example, I don't connect with any of the violinists you mention (on record), but I am always drawn in by performances of Vadim Repin, Heifetz, Francescatti, Grumiaux, Olivera, Chung.

Try getting two performances of the same piece by your named violinists (for example, the Brahms Violin Concerto, which has been recorded by all of your named violinists except Jansen), and maybe that will clue you in.

It would be hard to tell how much your preference relates to different instruments, unless you had a recording of the same piece played by the same person on a bunch of different instruments. There have been a couple items like this over the years. One of the most noteworthy is long out of print: "The Glory of Cremona," issued on LP by Decca. Ruggiero Ricci played 15 different pieces on 15 beautiful violins. There was also a 7" disc issued with it, on which he played the solo opening phrase of the Bruch Vn Concerto #1 on all 15 violins. Then there is this CD of Accardo playing 5 major instruments in music of Kreisler:

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Re: Violin players

I've followed your posts on violinists and have comments.

You have been focussed on the soloist performer. You should also be exploring composers and their individual works. The conductor and orchestra also make a difference.

A soloist often performs a work differently with different conductors and orchestras.

A soloist often changes his or her view of a work with age and experience.

No performer is equally good in every work. The strengths a soloist possesses are not equally relevant in each work.

Nobody likes every performance of every piece of music.

No performer will please you in every performance of every work.And a performer who disappointed you in one work may delight you in some other work.


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