Viola Audio Laboratories Chorale Integrated Amplifier

Paul Jayson, president of Viola Audio Laboratories, New Haven, CT was on hand to demo the company's new Chorale Integrated Amplifier. Price is still to be determined, says Jayson, "but we are looking at around $19,000, and plan on shipping in March."

The amp section puts out 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 250 into 4 ohms, and the preamp section is controlled by an iOS or Android remote app. "We have a two option slots for a phono section or DAC. We're also working on a new DAC that would slide in with DSD, streaming and AirPlay," explains Jayson. The additional slide-in boards will be around $1,500-2,000 he estimates, since the power supply and support circuitry is already in the Chorale.

In addition to what you can add into the slots, there are three balanced and three unbalanced inputs along with RS232 support for automation control, and a USB jack for software updates. Finally the Chorale is a dual-mono design with separate power supplies and transformer for each channel.