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A very, very small observation about my feet.

Some time ago, I posted here about my need for some good "bookshelf" speakers and, thought a bit of research, I determined the AudioEngine 5's would suite my needs.

I then posted that they lacked just a little in the bass area, and that I missed it.

But tonight, with my wife and child away for the weekend, I was able to crank these speakers up a bit as I would like, but which would normally wake a 3 year old and I found the bass.

My feet want to feel the bass.

The speakers are quite lovely - but for the bass to reach my feet, they simply need a little bit of volume.

I am now pleased. Thanks for your help and your patience.

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Re: A very, very small observation about my feet.

Glad to hear they worked out for you! Did you get the radio interference issue worked out?

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Re: A very, very small observation about my feet.

Your observation regarding bass output is probably a result of a characteristic of the human ear. The frequency response of our ear changes with volume. A low sound levels the ears response rolls off at both the low and high ends. As the sound level increases the ears response flattens out.
To see data on this look for the Fletcher-Munson curves.
The loudness switchs that are seen on many recievers are meant to compensate for this hearing trait.

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