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Verity Audio speakers - Rienzi vs. Parsifal Ovation?

I have auditioned two Verity Audio speakers - the Finn and the Parsifal Ovation. The Parsifal blew me away - it is a wonderful speaker!

At half of the price of the Parsifal, the Rienzi is closer to my budget, but I cannot audition it. Has anyone directly compared the Rienzi to the Parsifal? How much of the Parsifal magic does it capture?



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Re: Verity Audio speakers - Rienzi vs. Parsifal Ovation?

Hey Mark,

Have you considered buying used? You might want to take advantage of the credit crucnch and drive a bit of a bargain. There are two pairs of clean looking Parsifal Encores for sale on Audiogon asking $5990 and $6350 respectively. Parsifal Encores sound reasonably similar to the Ovations which were a pretty incremental upgrade. I've owned a pair for 10 years and still love them. I am sure these would be a fairly considerable step up from a Rienzi.

Good luck!

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