Velodyne ULD-18 & ULD-15 subwoofers System

Sidebar 2: System

My listening area is a 5500-cubic-foot living room that opens into the upstairs and to a bigger kitchen area. This open space, comprising the entire first floor and upstairs, has the volume to challenge the performance of a large subwoofer. The floor is wooden, which means it can flex and enhance the subwoofer's action on 25–40Hz notes. The room has two large rugs, five chairs, and a sofa. Tonal balance of the room leans toward brightness.

Monster Cable interconnects were run from the tape outputs of a Mark Levinson ML-7A preamplifier to the Velodyne Remote control box. From its high-pass outputs, another set of Monster Cable interconnects ran back to the preamp, then to a Threshold Stasis III amplifier to drive the Quad ESL-63s via Monster Cable speaker line. A single Levinson twin-lead speaker cable was plugged into the remote's speaker outputs and run to the subwoofer. For playing CDs, I used a Sansui AU-X911DG integrated amplifier (for its outstanding 1-bit digital/analog converter circuitry), which in turn received the digital output from a Philips 650 CD player. A Revox B-260 tuner was also employed. Vinyl records were played on a Linn Sondek LP-12 turntable fitted with a Magnepan arm and a Marovskis MIT-1 van den Hul stylus MC cartridge, to drive an Audio Standards MX-10 head amp.—

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