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Vandersteen treo ct

Hello I'm probably going to purchase the treo ct to replace my 3.0 Theil ( yes > 30 yr old) My amp & pre amp is Tandberg 30008 A & 30006 A ( 150 watts at 8 ohm) Am I doing an injustice to the treos or do I need new equipment........................... I am considering the Rotel 1590 MK II & 1582 II are these up to the quality of the treos?

I'm a CD guy about 2,000 all classical and stream Tidal using my i pad wired to a rotel dac rdd 1580

I need a pre or integrated amp with a tone control due to a benign tumor in my R ear which distorts high so I tone them down a small amt. NO getting around this ( acoustic neuroma .... treat it & loose all hearing on R)

thanks David I

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