VANA–Blue Horizon–IsoTek

See that picture of a well-suited handsome man? That's Keith Martin of Washington-State firm, Vana Ltd. Vana distributes cool stuff like Vienna Acoustic loudspeakers, IsoTek AC line voltage products, Dr. Feikert Analogue (maker of one of the finest alignment protractors), and Acoustical Systems (makers of the Axiom tonearm, Archon cartridge, the Arché headshell, and the $799, SMARTractor cartridge alignment tool). What Keith is holding is the new Blue Horizons ProFono MM/MC phono stage ($1249). I have this substantial little component in my system now (under review) and I am not permitted to reveal in advance what I am experiencing—but why wait for my jabber—check it out for yourself.

With regards to power line AC conditioners my tendency is to be fascinated, impressed, and concerned—often in equal measures. My nerdy science self exclaims—"It's about the earth ground and an infinite supply of free electrons." My audiophile self shouts, "What possible good can another shunt RCL impedance do?" My cheapskate self enjoins, "These prices are ridiculous!" But my music-loving self is forced to admit; sometimes these things really are worth the added expense.

The new $499, EVO3 Polaris from a UK firm called IsoTek may just silence those voices in my head. It is simple, there's no hocus-pocus, it pays special attention to the ground plane and, when attached by the EVO3 Premier line cords ($199 each)—it appeared to reduce noise without compressing the music signal.

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Keith Martin is the founder and managing director of Isotek, which is distributed by Vana Ltd.