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Van the Man Belts It Outta The Park!!!

Just in case people might have thought that Van Morrison was losing his edge, Van the Man comes up with one his finest live recordings to date. The new Van Morrison: Live at Austin City Limits Festival

is a two disc set released on Van's own Exile label and available through the Van Morrison web site. I believe that is was recorded in September 2006.

Live at Austin City Limits Festival

The recording is listed on as an "official bootleg" (whatever that means) but it is produced by Van Morrison and the sound quality is excellent. In fact the whole recording is excellent - excellent song selection (see track listing below), excellent band and Van is in top form. Getting the disc may not be easy or cheap but it is well worth it.


1. Back On Top
2. Big Blue Diamonds
3. Playhouse
4. Days Like This
5. Muleskinner Blues
6. In The Midnight
7. Bright Side Of The Road
8. Don't You Make Me High
9. Cleaning Windows
10. I Can't Stop Loving You


1. Real Real Gone / You Send Me
2. Saint James Infirmary
3. Moondance
4. It's All In The Game / You know What They're Writing About
5. Precious Time
6. Don't Start Crying Now
7. Wild Night
8. Brown Eyed Girl
9. Gloria

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Re: Van the Man Belts It Outta The Park!!!


Thanks for the's good to hear the opinion of a listener rather than a music critic. I've been a fan going back to the days of Them and was wondering if he was still capable...the past several releases have had a few good tunes but overall not the most impressive.
This cd may be a great performance but it is of older tunes...just hope he can get back on top with writing music.
BTW: Go to and this cd, along with practically all his music, is available.

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Re: Van the Man Belts It Outta The Park!!!

Hey, Jazzfan!

Thanks for the heads up. A copy will be coming to Buddha's house soon!

Cheers, buddy!

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