Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

These cables are distributed in North America by Bluebird Music and according to Van den Hul, The Valley interconnect cables are a twisted pair balanced cable with two 21 strand conductors and a double braided shield.

Van den Hul's new True Transmission Technology cables, known as 3T for short, "present an entirely new paradigm to the cable world offering breakthrough performance at very reasonable prices. The 3T wires are comprised of a fusion of five metals and one non-metal resulting in an amorphous alloy free from crystal boundaries. In fact, because the 3T wire is completely crystal free it is the purest wire possible. 3T wire completely eliminates signal bounce, or reflections, within the wire."

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tom flynn's picture

 Winning a pair of Van Den Huls would be like winning the lottery for a music lover.

corrective_unconscious's picture

The cables are "halogen free"...does that mean they're not profane or spam?

Thanks for the sweepstakes.

waq's picture

An offer I can't refuse.

paras38's picture

nice cables. me wanna try your pretty cables! how to enter sweepstakes.. thank u thank u!

Quackzinho's picture

I've always wanted to have a pair of those cables....

valkilm's picture

Great Cables, I have VDH interconnects and they are amazing!!

macuser's picture

I know these cables sound as great as they look!

Richardchu's picture

We would like to own it. Looking forward.


l125255's picture

great stuff enjoy!

patbowler's picture

Beautiful cables, love to try a pair.

AZDean's picture

I would like me some of them there interconnects!

MorbidToaster's picture

If I win maybe they'd change my feelings about cables. Have never heard a change when swapping them, to be honest. I'd like to trying some that are considered 'nice'.

tbartlett's picture

Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Love the Van den Hul phono cartridges.

Expect these cables are spectacular. 

kent47's picture

From some "insider" information, I have found out the left-hand cable (blue) is constructed following the "Left-hand Rule for a Wire Carrying a Current", while the right-hand cable (red) is assembled following "Fleming's Right-hand Rule, which yields a quite wide and high area presenting a holographic stereo image.  If both cables are built using the Left-hand Rule, the stereo image tends to move around randomly.  Conversely, if both cables are created using Fleming's Right-hand Rule, the stereo image only exists within the space of a cube of nine inches along each of its three axis.  The "insider" indicated this concept was described in their Audiophile Handbook as "Postulate 427 DOHC (Direct-Output, Hate Capacitors)."  This dredged up ancient memories of the 427 DOHC (Double Over-Head Cam) Ford AC Cobra muscle car.  I would love to have a set of these cables so I could hear this vaunted  holographic image.  I was warned it was imperative the end of the cable assembly having the shield and return tied together should be inserted into the pre-amp input; while the end having the shield and return open, should be inserted into the output of the turntable/CD-player.  Hoping to be the lucky person to experience the phenomenon!

snowman21532's picture

Thanks for the opportunity Stereophile!  I've always been told what a difference a great quality cable could make.  Just never had the funds!  Would be cool to hear all the music I love sound even better!  Take care...

momarty's picture



I use Van den Hul MCD102 MKlll interconnects between my phono preamplifier and power amplifier; And I switched out the factory installed phono cable on my turntable with a Van den Hul MCD 502 turntable cable. I have been enjoying this set up since 1986. This article on the Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables is welcomed news indeed. Not only because there is a new affordable offering from Van den Hul, but also because now, I have been made aware that there is a state side dealer I can contact. After twenty six years of enjoyment with the same cables, it would be interesting to find out if Van den Hul's new offering could render any improvement to what I presently hear from my system.

bouyantbuddingstereophile's picture

I have used exclusively Audioquest Interconnects in my system. Starting with the Alpha snake then I upgraded to the Sidewinders. I am looking for more detail and less strident and constrained a sound. Hope I win!

Hocdm's picture

I have a much older, much much cheaper pair of Van den Hul interconnects. Could very much use some new ones!

belitzer's picture

Sign me up - thanks

mariankempkowski's picture

I `d love to try them and compare audio quality with other cables-certainly not playing mp3 `s thru them.True audiophile listens to th mp3 `s on the work commute only -:)

kim108's picture

Jon It was great meeting you at the Central Coast Audio Club yesterday (feb 26th 2012) at Kris's house. It was an interesting phase problem with Kris's beautiful Avalon type DYI speakers.

I would like to get the Van Den Hul  interconnects too!

I am hoping to get a music server  going this year but It is a lot to mentally grasp for my anal-log and budget oriented mind.

Thanks for your input on my quest for active DSP speakers such as the Meridian's. I am looking forward to our next meeting

Happy enjoyable listening!


dgittings's picture

Would love to add these to my system, thanks.

Gary Mac's picture

Should mix well with my Transparent Audio Supers.

Baroque-man's picture

I would love to try them as I suspect they could improve my system.


fvelasco's picture

I would love these! Thanks for the contest!

George S's picture


Still rocking my Van den Hul Jade speaker cables for around the last 8 years or so....  Fantastic for the price.  Needing to upgrade though as my toys are getting a bit more fancy....

maximiliaan's picture

Perfect playmate for my amp!!

fmpioneer's picture

Ive never had the money for decent interconnects, it would be great to get some nice ones

espoconi's picture

Please let me be the winner!

stilespj's picture

Me want!!!smiley

goatflinger's picture

I'm sure those sound amazing. I really could use some new cables. 

skyhigh's picture

Love to try this cable, since it would fit my system.

Glotz's picture

Put me in the drawing.

puzzy852's picture

My current setup is really only lacking an upgrade to the cables and these would be a perfect fit.

puzzy852's picture

My current setup is really only lacking an upgrade to the cables and these would be a perfect fit.

vtltubesel34's picture

I sure could use a pair...........

nshunda's picture

Yes, please!  Thanks!


marklshane1942's picture

you have made an enemy of me today. that's hard to do. i have tried to register for the cable sweepstakes offer  for 2 weeks and still dont have  a clue where all these sign ups for the sweepstake/cables that is..just where and how? Signed up  for valid login  but still being made to jump thru hoops to find this  cable offer. damn shame 30 years of being a subscriber amounts to no USEFUL help  from  your  organization. m

dmineard HT's picture

I need to update my Audio Quest cables.  How about selecting me and you will receive a review of these cables.  My Preamp is calling for new cables.