Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

These cables are distributed in North America by Bluebird Music and according to Van den Hul, The Valley interconnect cables are a twisted pair balanced cable with two 21 strand conductors and a double braided shield.

Van den Hul's new True Transmission Technology cables, known as 3T for short, "present an entirely new paradigm to the cable world offering breakthrough performance at very reasonable prices. The 3T wires are comprised of a fusion of five metals and one non-metal resulting in an amorphous alloy free from crystal boundaries. In fact, because the 3T wire is completely crystal free it is the purest wire possible. 3T wire completely eliminates signal bounce, or reflections, within the wire."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

JFLD94's picture

They would definitely make my day !

mn2710's picture

I can use a pair.

reseauxClestre's picture

I need these cables!

alexwgoody's picture

I do tend to like winning things

rotax's picture

Sign me up.

casey.newsom's picture

I'd love a pair of those beautiful cables!

attilahun's picture

Would love to try them!

atmnyc's picture

Great way to get me to finally join your site!

Ace Mineral's picture

Yellow cables will no doubt sound better than the gray ones I have.

00111111's picture

I'd love to hear what $395 cables sound like.

Stephen Scharf's picture

I can always use another pair of interconnects.


AndrewARCH's picture

Yellow is my favorite sound

dooper35's picture

those would look good between the Oppo and the Rotel

icculam's picture

I like yellow cables!

worm254's picture

looks good

bonhamcopeland's picture


olarson's picture

wolfpack's picture

Hope you would not mind shipping them internationaly

evanolynuk's picture

Doesnt everyone need $395 cabels??

Nathan L's picture

Count me in

Andrew's picture

Would love to try them out....

Derreck's picture

Everyone could use a new set of cables, including me!

nicklane1's picture

The only brand i ever used is audioquest. This would be a good intro to something different.

nacarp's picture

very nice indeed! will go with my the Wind and The First,

bplexico's picture

Would love to try a new set of cables. I promise to give them a good home.

flamingeye's picture

I'd like to try them there cables for free 

Vogelhaus's picture

Beautiful, would love to give these a shot in my new system!

stevo's picture they are yellow. Hope i win!

Goodyear1's picture

Love to hear the difference!!!

dtotheatothevtothee's picture

I cannot wait to hear how these sound compared to my monoprice interconnects, that is if I am so lucky to win...

Syrez's picture

I'll throw my hat into it as well.

trieuthichoi's picture

can't wait to try these out. 

SpinMark3313's picture

PreAmp to Amp must have a new link...

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brad37716's picture

Thank you Jon

Brad's picture

To improve sonic performance, I am looking forward to owning a Van den Hul for my System!!! Thanks!

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Pick me pick me!

hltf's picture

I would be interested in trying out these new Van den Hul cables.


Beau Ranheim's picture

Need these to match with my yellow power cords!!

damone5000's picture

Posting for the contest.  Thanks!

sumbuba's picture

Count me in.  How very nice.  Thank you !

ZombieFish's picture

One thing my system doesn't have yet is yellow.

MoarWotts's picture

I actually have a subscription to the real life paper Stereophile Magazine, throw me some love.

xridel's picture

Yes please

Ptavv's picture

Why are the called the Valley, I didn't think that topography entered into cable design.

eeifb's picture

Thanks, nice looking cables

tibblk's picture

Who doesn't love free cables

emollerstuen's picture


R Browne's picture win. Thanks!

Dan Moroboshi's picture

Lucky to everyone, but if I am fortunate they would be a good match to my Oppo to my new integrated.

wplash666's picture

I'll take it!

Sdube's picture

Barely won anything, so it would be nice to get these.

SebieDreamtime's picture

I've been experimenting with (borrowed) high end cables lately and have been impressed with the difference they make.  Would love to try Van den Huls.

CraigHampton's picture

Sign me up!

scvnut83's picture

So I jumped ship in Hong Kong, make my way over to Tibet and I get on a course in the Himalayas as a looper.  You know, a jock, a caddy.  So, I tell 'em I'm a projock and who do you think they give me?  The Dalai Lama himself!  Twelfth son of the Lama, the flowing robes, bald...striking.  So we get up on the first tee, he hauls off and whacks one - big hitter, the Lama - into a ten thousand foot crevasse right at the base of this glacier.  And he says, "Gunga Galunga... gunga, gunga-galunga.”  So we get up on 18 and he's gonna stiff me, and I say, "Hey!  Lama!  How 'bout, you know, a little something for the effort?”  And he says, "There won't be any money here... but on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness.”  So, I got that going for me, which is nice.

atomb's picture

I could use a pair of these as i've upgraded everything else i own recently.

Nosaj's picture

Count me in.

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I am game to try some new cables! Sign me up for the draw, thanks.

Glotz's picture

My D-105's are lonely.  There will be much rubbing of the cables if we win...

heman_'s picture

Cool, hope I win!

omasciarotte's picture

I heart halogen-free…’bout time we started paying attention to what’s in our gear! Go VdH!

Chris K.'s picture

The bottom line with any component, including cables, is if they sound good, then they probably are good. I would be very pleased to install The Valley interconnects in my system to hear the results of Van den Hul's new development.

jeremyquam's picture

I would love me some yellow cables!!!

oicnoreg29's picture

have VDH the bay -  want to upgrade for more noticeable changes to find out!  

monkeysmile's picture

I am needing a set of interconnects for my new Schiit!

Jeff0000's picture

Just the thought of winning the Van den Hul interconnects is fast becoming an emotional experience for me that I will cherish for a lifetime.

In fact, I would gladly crawl on my hands and knees through a mile of broken glass just to kiss the tires of the delivery truck that brought my new Van den Hul interconnects.

Please, give me a moment to gather myself.  cool


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I'd love a new set of interconnects.

mri1bob's picture

Yes; please sign me up also; great way to get us to respond...these would be perfect in my rig. Thanks

allenjohns's picture

I cannot think of a more suitable person to win these cables than myself!

Erik Fredrikson's picture

thank you!

edever's picture

I need some sweet, sweet interconnects!

thawdtd's picture

Pleaseee?'s picture

New cables would be awesome! these look cool

EndersShadow's picture

I would love to give these a shot in my system!

dudefromthenorth's picture

Yay! The registration finally worked!

Eidolonsix's picture

I hope they are spinkled with gold dust...

venkatcr's picture

I have been wanting to get VDH cables after I have enjoyed one of their Optical cables. Tried in the Middle East without luck as the dealer refuses to give me a quote. Let me see if I am lucky enough to get these.



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Ekman's picture

Cable me up pls :)

sc00ter's picture

Awesome! Send 'em over!

Welly Wu's picture

I would love to win these cables. Please consider my entry.

Mortsnets's picture

I need some ICs, pick me.

Prole's picture

Would love to hear them sometime.

granosalis's picture


Asr's picture

Thanks, hope I win!

Beefheart's picture

These will fit in nicely with my Ferrari-yellow Watt7's

doadesm's picture

These cables look exceptional. Gimme!

Bluesbob's picture

I have VDH from cartridge clips to phono input. They sound pretty good. I'd use the Valleys from pre-amp to power amp, replacing KK Silver Streaks. Probably sound different - not necessarily better - who knows? Not sure if .8M would be long enough, but the price (of a free pair) is right.

Stirrio's picture

Go ahead, make my day.

msj965's picture

I'm new on this site....Pls sign me up sir:)

Thank you and more power!

jkat's picture

Please Jebus, use your divine powers to win me those cables.

mrhi-fi's picture

.....are the best kind of cables. Sign me up!

staypositive's picture

I'll take it!

rovingardener's picture

I could seriously use a good pair of cables.

FlyhiG's picture

Always fun the try new gear.

Peter Duminy's picture

I would love to test and listen to these! Kind regards, Peter.

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Diego's picture

Would love to have pair of these in my sound system ! smiley

kenjiman421's picture

But I need it

bondmanp's picture

Yes, Virginia, cables do make a difference!

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I likes them.


Clayton's picture

...for butler services for a day. 

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heliman's picture

I want those!!!

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I would love to get a pair of these cables.

ayeready77's picture

Ohh man just what I need.

kager's picture

I would like to see more companies have promotional giveaways. 

I think this is great, thanks for the opportunity.. GP

Mr-GRAAF's picture

Yes please!


I've got The Rock 3T and it, well, Rocks!


Pouliotagon's picture

Feed Me

Simen's picture

My stereo is screaming for those sexy ass cables to be inserted in its ports.

studeb's picture

Please let me know when they ship to me.

sitting_still's picture

Lay 'em on me boys.

dbowker's picture

I actually have not heard any Van den Hul cables for a while. My first high-end interconnects waay back when were VdHs, but I don't seem to see them around as much. Hope I get to try out a pair of the new ICs.

Doug Bowker

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vvuuren's picture

Yes for new cables

eriklundq's picture

Count me in!

orlando's picture

I'm in for that

eligiusz's picture

I would love to listen to new Van Halen trough the new -

Van den Hul


samchitwood's picture

Would love to see if these make any difference in my HT.  Thanks for sponsoring the give away...

Naun's picture

My first pair of audiophile cables were Van den Huls and they were yellow.

peanutButter's picture

Me, too, please.

Joe Appierto's picture


saronian's picture


Fingers crossed!

acatt's picture

I'd like a pair of those!

Terry Moore's picture

I've never been able to afford high-end cables in my VERY modest system, and would really love to try the new 3Ts to see if they can actually make a significant difference.

leogarpab's picture

I own an optical cable by Van den Hul and it is just great! I'd love to own the interconnects, for sure.

jgoods's picture

Los cables más finos del mundo, y sólo $ 5,010 (pesos mexicanos)!

harmaphonic's picture

hook me up

spkeller's picture

I currently use some mid-grade cables, and would really like to try some of the good stuff.

williamjurdak's picture

Great publication. Look forward to it every month.

the-great-artiste's picture

If the cable is "balanced", hw does that really work with unbalanced RCA phono connectors?

I'm sure they are still excellent cables & would be happy to win them.


edeverett's picture

Sign me up

mfrancis02's picture

Sounds great!

hoochiecoochie's picture

I'm in and can definately use them. 

Red Horn's picture

I'm all in...

Tip's picture

The email says the "Valley interconnect cables are a twisted pair balanced cable" but the picture shows a single-end cable?!?

Sam's picture

Anyone know how good these are?  I'd be willing to review them!

villager56's picture

I wouldn't mind another set of VDH interconnects!

hirezfun's picture

Yeah! I can use a pair of them.

Roy Brown's picture

I need some more cables, just ask my wife!

mgeldert1's picture

Know just where to use 'em!

c_h_shin's picture

Time to upgrade my old Audioquest Ruby interconnects...

joesew's picture

I'd love to win these cables, haven't won anything in years!!

jjedgreen's picture

Look Great!

JohnMichael's picture

I would love to win a free pair. Thanks in advance if I do.

billmk's picture

These will sound delicious in my system.

Mitchellman's picture

I would love some new cables for my California Audio Labs CD player!