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University Project: User Friendly interfaces for audio separate

Hi everybody,

I am Antonio and I am a student in Human Computer Interaction at City University (London, UK). I am currently running a design research with NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. This research has the goal of designin the concept for an Audio Separate system based around the REAL user needs.

The separate should be designed with the purpose of:

- Streaming music from pc
- Playing music from external hard drive (usb stick, iPod etc)
- Listening to Internet radio (DAB, fm .etc)

In order to design this component I need some feeback from a considerable amount of people. You can help me by replying to any (3 would be IDEAL) of the questions below:

  1. What's the most user-friendly interface you have ever experienced? (name of brand and model)
  2. Can you describe what did you like about it? (i.e. cleare interface, intuitive, easy to use,)
  3. Considering the spec of the Separate above, what do you think should ben the most important design qualities?
  4. Do you stand in front of your Hi-Fi while listening to the music?
  5. What's the most frustrating user-experience you had with an Hi-Fi and why?
  6. Describe, if you can, how would you connecet, navigate and listen to the music from a memory stick attached to your hi-fi.

I really appreciate you help for doing this. I really hope you will find this question interesting.

Feel free to suggest any additional addition to the qiuestion above that you belive should be meanngfull for the purpose of this reasearch.



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