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A used HD-DVD player as a transport

I was just browsing Craigslist and saw a used HD-DVD player. Now we all know that the HD-DVD format is obsolete. Since it is backward compatible with Audio CDs what about using one as a transport for coaxial and/or optical SPDIF out?

The one I saw was:
Toshiba HD-XA2 1080p HD-DVD Player - $98 USED
[coax and Toslink digital audio outs]

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Re: A used HD-DVD player as a transport

Why not? I use a 15 year old PC CD-ROM drive as a transport. If it's got a front panel you like, and it's sturdy enough, and you want to spend the $98, why not?

In the grand scheme of things, transports affect the sound of CDs less than cables or DACs do. Is it possible that some transport is so bad that it'll screw up the sound of whatever it's hooked to? Maybe. But someone will have to try it to find out...

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Re: A used HD-DVD player as a transport

I still have the same model when I chose the wrong format (seemed up in the air at the time). Have a Blu-Ray now too, heheh. It's a good player, though I have to say not the quietest of players. I think it has a fan in the back, so depending on how close it is to your listening chair, I'd consider others. Plays DVDs nicely too of course.

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