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Upgrading Towers

Hi All , looking for advice on upgrading my towers from Polk R-50 to either MartinLogan 20i or Klipsch R-26F. I currently run the Polk's on my A-side with a Polk SW108 from a Maranzt CR-611. On the B-side I have Klipsch R-15M in the rear positions. I wasn't unhappy with the Polk towers until I upgraded my turntable and pre-amp to Project with the Ortofon OM 5E from an LP-60. I regularly listen to Rock, Dylan, Grunge , Blues Rock , Chicago Blues , Hard Bop , some fusion and a little of the latest Chicago scene 'Organic Beat'. My Kid studying music says save money with the Klipsch , it fits my system better , but I've always wanted ML's and they're on sale. Help out !

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