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Upgrading Headphone Setup


I'm looking at upgrading my headphone setup I use in the office. Currently, I've got a Logitech Squeezebox as my sole source, connected via a pair of Blue Jeans Cable RCA cables to an Arcam A65+. I prefer to use my Grado SR60 cans, but I swap them out occasionally for the more comfortable Senn HD565s I have, although they sound a little veiled to me. (Truth be told, I do have a pair of Wharfedale 8.2 speakers hooked up to the amp. Don't use them much as my office just sucks for speakers and I like to be somewhat nice to my suite mates.)

I listen to classical: choral works, orchestra, pipe organ (lots of Bach), and choral stuff accompanied by organ. Toss in some opera as well.

What am I thinking about changing? I'm looking at getting a set of AKG K702s. If luck and finances favor, I'm also thinking about getting a real headphone amp, specifically the Decware CSP2+.

Any thoughts or advice or this setup? Is the Decware stuff appropriate for this kind of music?

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