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Tyler Scott
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To upgrade or not upgrade to high def dvd player????

Hello, I'm new to this game so forgive me if i ask a dumb question. I've got a Mits DLP big screen, ML speakers, and Sony Tae9000es pre/proc and matching Tan9000es amp. The progressive output on back of Toshiba dvd player no longer works, so i want to replace it with a upgrade player that also handles sacd, dvd-audio, redbook cd's, and of course outstanding video a must. Should i buy a Blue-ray hi def player or wait until more models are offered?? I also want to upgrade my pre/proc and amp with one that has HDMI and is compatible with Blue-ray or any hi def dvd. Any suggestions on what would be a good match with my Martin Logans?? Also, any opinions on whether or not to upgrade to 7.1 ch from 5.1 ch?? Thanks so much for your input.

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Re: To upgrade or not upgrade to high def dvd player????

I don't believe there are any blue ray or hd players on the market that support all of those formats.

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Re: To upgrade or not upgrade to high def dvd player????

Hello Staticfanatic and welcome to the forum.I will make this as short as possible.No,do not upgrade yet.Best get a good dvd multiformat player such as Pioneer Elite series or a Denon or a marantz.I do not think the new blue-ray or hd-dvd will support all formats and even if they do,i don't think the first or even second generation models will be that good.As for the hdmi output,why on earth you want to route the signal from your dvd player to the processor and then to the dlp screen ?!?!?!? Straight from the dvd to the screen is best ! Less electronics for the signal to pass.
As for the 7.1 upgrade,well,it is up to you.If you have the extra cash and like the effect,go ahead.You should know though that there are very few movies encoded in 6.1 or 7.1 surround.All are in 5.1 so,be prepared to play 5.1 in a 7.1 channel system most of the time.

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