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update gracenote?

i recently purchased a pair of yamaha cd music servers with updated 500 gb hard drives. they burn and store music except the only problem is the gracenote database is outdated. the gentleman i bought them from said he was not able to update the database. any suggestion on how i can do this?

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Re: update gracenote?

I would start with the manual. Then I would try Yamaha's website.

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Re: update gracenote?

I believe in the case of iTunes, the computer queries Gracenote's CD database via Gracenote's server.

Is the Yamaha server able to access the internet? I'd think that would be necessary for the update unless Gracenote sells the database on a disk.

Nothing on Gracenote's website mentions anything about other than online database queries, but I'd contact Gracenote about the update.

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