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Unexpected Audio Conundrum

Which makes more sense and why? Use a single (better model) sub for audio, and 2 (one model down) subs in a dedicated theater? Or, for an audio guy, might it be better to use the lesser subs for stereo subbing, and let the larger one handle the dedicated theater?

In a moment of (her) weakness, I got permission to order and just received two (just discontinued) SVS SB-2000 subs, and one SVS SB-3000 in gloss. Both are sealed designs. Originally I'd intended the two smaller subs to fill a 12'x22.5'x8' home theater room.

The SB-3000 was intended to replace my venerable REL Britannia B1, which, being ported, will go down to 25 flat, and easily (and probably did not need replacing so much). The SB-3000 blends better using a DSPeaker Anti-Mode room correction system from before, and I can high pass D2s at 70Hz now to help their limited dynamic peaks.

Although the two SB-2000s aren't dialed in yet they'd be way more than I'd need in the theater. Since they'll go down flat past 40 easily, and tightly, the idea of stereo subbing my mains appeals to me instead of single subbing. I don't have pipe organ music so I don't need 20s.

Now I'm sure I can't let this rest without the testing so I'm stuck carrying up the smaller subs to try with my audio mains beside them and then lugging the SB-3000 down to the theater where I'm sure it will have no issue with our mid-sized theater.

I'm very open to thoughts and theories on this. Merry Christmas!

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