Two Days in August: Stereophile's First Jazz Recording Rendezvous

Jerome Harris Quintet Plays Jazz / STPH013-2

Jerome Harris (acoustic bass guitar), Marty Ehrlich (alto sax), Arthur Baron (trombone), Steve Nelson (vibraphone), Billy Drummond (drums)

1. Decision Point 11:03
2. Sway Low 7:37
3. The Mooche 8:07
4. Cool Pursuit 7:03
5. Followthrough 9:12
6. Only Then 6:35
7. Hand By Hand 10:21
Total Playing Time: 60:30

All selections by Jerome Harris (Chocowinity Sounds), except "The Mooche," by Duke Ellington & Irving Mills, published by Duke Ellington Music. All selections are ASCAP.

Recorded at Blue Heaven Studios, Salina, Kansas, August 25 & 26, 1998.

Executive Producer: John Atkinson
Producers: Jerome Harris, Wes Phillips
Engineering/Editing/Mixing: John Atkinson
Cover/Booklet Design: Natalie Brown Baca, Tamra Fenstermaker
Booklet Notes: Wes Phillips, Jerome Harris, John Atkinson
Photography: Ron Woodruff, John Atkinson
Cover Art: Nature Morte Bleu Au Flacon D'Opaline, by Ludwig Casimir Marcoussis

Jerome Harris wishes to thank: his bandmates, Wes Phillips, John Atkinson, Chad Kassem, and the staff at Blue Heaven Studios. Additional thanks to Taylor Guitars, La Bella Strings, Aguilar Amplification LLC, Eden Electronics, and Alessandro High End Guitar Products.

Stereophile wishes to thank: Chad Kassem (Acoustic Sounds), John Brandt (Blue Heaven Studios), EveAnna Manley (Manley Labs), John La Grou (Millennia Media), Karen Richardson (Bryston), Dr. Glenn Zelniker (Z-Systems), Steven K. Lee (Canorus), Robert Kelly (Data Conversion Systems), Janice Smith (Prism Media Products), Kevin Voecks (Revel Loudspeakers), Peter Bohacek (Wadia Digital), Jon Herron (Madrigal Audio Laboratories), George Cardas (Cardas), Bill Low (AudioQuest), Bob Stuart (Meridian), Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries), Bryan Shaw (Digital Brothers), and Gretchen Grogan (Stereophile).