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I knew you were a phishead or a deadhead one.

I can smell em from a mile away.

I hate that genre, but have several friends wrapped up in it, so I tolerate it.

nc, no problemo my friend. Nothing wrong with passion either but wtf is the point of going so over the top like you see everyday on internet forums? Ever hear this one: Arguing on the internet is like competing in the... nevermind. Just saying that two days of competiton is about 1% as productive as half an hour of conversation.

Buddha, sounds like a good time, if youre ever hanking for some good "jam band" music check out Phish if you've never heard them some of their stuff is really rather good. Particularly a song called "You Enjoy Myself."

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ha, i dunno about a phishhead but i do enjoy their music occasionally.


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