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Turntable suggestions

I have a Jolida JD102 B amp and Klipsch Cornwall speakers and i want a better turntable than i currently have and i would like some suggestions.I now have a Kenwood KD3055 table with a Signet MK55E cartridge.I will be purchasing a Jolida tube pre amp and i will have a budget of $500.00.Suggestions please.

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Re: Turntable suggestions

You should look into Rega or Pro-Ject lines. They're trusted names & their entry level tables are supposed to sound fabulous for the money. If you go to "Entry Level" section of this forum, there's a thread which discusses TTs under $1000. You'll find some options there.

tom collins
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Re: Turntable suggestions

be careful when you start down this road as it quickly leads to the dark side. that $500 table is the gateway drug. i started with a rega p2 with their bias cartridge and believe i paid about $500 for it. i really liked it for about a year and then got the itch and traded up for about another $1200 after the sale of the rega. i am happy for now, but another trade up is not out of the question. there are real quantuum leaps to be had from the $500 to the $1500-2000 range and then again as you hit $3500 to $5000. i'm not saying don't go there, actually, i'm saying go there, but you've been warned. now go start cruising the local goodwill and junk stores for buried treasure (LPs).


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