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turntable set up with test disc and multimeter

I'm setting up a Scoutmaster and SDS and have the basic cartridge set up done but want to dial it and the speed in using The Ultimate Analogue Test LP (which is on order) and multimeter. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere that will break it down into really, really basic operations for someone who has no electrical experience (I need the "put slot a into tab b and turn dial to z type" of stuff)?

Thanks in advance

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Re: turntable set up with test disc and multimeter

While I'm definitly not the person knowledgable about turntable setups, I can't see any way to use a voltmeter to measure speed accuracy. You could use a voltmeter to check for correct choice of cartridge loading by the phono amp by checking frequency response (output voltage at different frequencies). But you will need to know the accuracy of your volt meter vs frequency.

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