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Turntable problem - can you help?

I have got an old technics SL D210 turntable. It has a phono output. However when I try to connect it to my amp (which has a aux/phono input) it is very quite. I have heard that I might need a pre- amp but I am unsure. What can I do to make it sound louder?

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Re: Turntable problem - can you help?

You will need to acquire a phono pre-amp (prices vary from $150 to thousands) either moving magnet or moving coil as the case may be. Most modern receivers do not include a phono section since not many users require them. Those that do are often Vinyl is king types with very discriminating requirements that need a high-quality phono pre-amp.

Join the forum and let us know who you are. There are some very knowledgable members here that impart all kinds of useful audio information.

Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving

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Re: Turntable problem - can you help? Thay have phono preamps in every size and performance level, and at every price range. The entry level Music Hall, Goldring, Project models may be a good place to start depending upon your cartridge and your system needs. If this is a "P" mount tonearm your replacement cartridges will be limited. They are still available. Enjoy your vinyl and your holiday.

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