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The Turntable Golden Age 1958-1982

I believe that turntable stuff was all figured out decades ago. Everything since has been just refinement and improvement. No real innovation.

Interesting video...copy and paste this YouTube link:

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MR, check out the Grand Prix

MR, check out the Grand Prix Audio Monaco and the Reed 5T tonearm. These are two very innovative products.
I believe we are gifted with the best vinyl playback ever as materials science and drive trains continue to evolve.

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I have to agree. Every once

I have to agree. Every once in a while someone tries something different than the basic configuration... like using light to read the grooves... but it goes no where. On the other hand what has been done with the basics has been jaw dropping. I had a couple well renowned tables of the era... but when I bought a VPI Aries with a Van Den Hull Frog cartridge and AUdio Research Phono Stage in the early 90’s it was a couple orders in magnitude better than the older tables. Noise floor disappeared, bass vastly increased, detail huge change. It was as if it was a new device. Through the 90’s to present what could be done through the basics has improved by leaps and bought. Amusingly I now own a new high end Linn LP12 with a Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge and an Audio Research Reference 3 Phonostage. The table is much better.... probably not night and day, but the other components are. So, basic haven’t changed, but the results sure have.

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Analog rigs are fine, nothing

Analog rigs are fine, nothing wrong with that but if you’re looking for that analog sound with dynamic range and air and that tube like sound you need not look further than the innocuous looking Sony Sport Walkman cassette player with the matching yellow Sony Walkman earphones. Cannot beat with stick. Makes almost everything else seem like a huge waste of time. And money. No. I’m not hot dogging you.

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